Anyone else playing Tycoon Mode? What are your early impressions?

No one else seems to be talking about it in this forum, so I decided to ask it myself, is anybody else enjoying Tycoon Mode or am I the only one playing it?

I really loved the concept, it’s a very chill experience that makes you play the game under a new perspective. This mode also gives otherwise weak economy cards a new life as slots that usually go to military units and upgrades are left open. Unfortunately however, it seems to be somewhat broken at the moment.

The AI has yet to learn how to make decks suitable for TM and how to use military units correctly with their draining HP. Some features need some redesign, The Tycoon Packs, for instance, are so cheap and give so little points that they become useless in the late game.


Tycoon still shows is in a Demo Ver right?

Kinda funny, but a bit umbalanced for some civs (I have played 10min peace)

Yeah I would think that would be a lopsided match most of the time.

I have to say that people dont attack at the end of the peace, that is though to counter stronger ecos, I dont know