Anyone know if Relic is still pursuing machine learning AI?

Hey Relic!

While playing against people is fun and challenging experience. Sometimes I need to play against bots so I can pause at a given notice. Sadly, the Hardest AI isn’t able to give me a remote challenge at this point. I’ve tried community mods like Zycat AI, but none of these mods really create a consistently challenging game.

Any news on the Machine Learning “Impossible” AI, or future changes to how the skirmish AI functions? As a working man, I’d really welcome it!


I would love some news or future plans about this subject

An update on the AI would be great!

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I don’t think we have ever seen any official statements about it. I only recall that one article with the super misleading headline.

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No official statement so far. And no mention of any kind on the Roadmaps Either.

And the scripted A.I. wich is still bad received some twicks a few patches back but thats all.

Any statement is welcomed.

Maybe , just maybe if someone atends Gamescom , or someone on site can interview them.

  • August 23 is just around the corner and although everybody is hiped for potential new DLC (new civs) i would like some info on this topic.
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Thanks for bringing attention to this. I am having the same problem. The game is just too easy. The A.I. mods don’t make it any harder. I don’t think we need a machine learning A.I. Instead they should just tweak the A.I. decisions a bit. Like throw in an early Feudal rush and don’t invest in stone walls. Also, use the good landmarks. It is extra easy on some of the modded hybrid maps like Four Lakes, Frisian Marshes and Holy Island because they do not make a dock at all. This leaves them far behind in resources.

Edit: the Brutal A.I. mod is actually really hard. I just forgot to set it under Tuning Pack at the beginning of the round.

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