Anyone know what this is?

While browsing the AoE 3 DE community on Steam, I found some very interesting screenshots.

Here they are:

I bet it’s fan art, but it looks very professional. It would be a great as Market or Tavern for Arabian civs - Ottomans and possibly Moroccans and Omani (or better Arabs).

It is just wonderful :heart_eyes:
I hope it will be part of the game. And if it’s a mod then congratulations to the author :blush:


Let us hope for Moroccans and Omani.
If it is a tavern building, it could be called a Tea House or Shisha House.


May. I hope :blush:


Nice as if there was an animation of smoke coming out of the windows. And maybe an animation of smoking people - that would be great.


It’s definitely a Muslim building. I think its not Ethiopian or hausa building


This style could be used by Ottoman civ, Moroccan civ, Omani civ and Persian civ.


It’s something off of ArtStation, it’s from 10 months ago and doesn’t have a description.

There’s another building on the same artist’s page with the flag of the Kingdom of Kandy on it.

He also has a cannon that looks similar to the Light Cannon from DE on his artstation, but it’s not quite the same design so I don’t think it’s actually AoE3 related.