Anyone makes Cavaliers as Turks?

Most of the time, it’s HCA, Camels, and Hussars for me when it comes to a mounted army.

I don’t play Turks (and Berbers). But when I play as Persians/Tatars/Malians/Chinese, I make knights/cavaliers more often than camels/heavy camels. When I play Saracens/Byzantines, I sometimes play knights, but not as often as camels. Only when I play Ethiopians I always train camels instead of knights.

It’s rarely worth it since you get such good value out of the free Hussar upgrade, which serve a similar purpose as knights but without the weakness to monks and gold cost. Save your gold for BBC + either Heavy CA or Janissary.


I said it before.
I would be a huge fan of changing Sipahi so it affetcts also Knights (and Camels). An additional effect for the CA could be to give them 3 CA armor, so Skirms would deal less bonus damage to them.
There is also this thread that is promoting further nerfs to the Jans. I’m not sure if this is necessary anymore now Jans already have been nerfed.

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