Anyone think castle turret is an underused mechanic?

So castle turret is the tech on Rus wooden fortress that increases the attack of the garrison by +2. As far as i’m aware it is the only tech in the game that increases garrison attack. I believe that techs that increase garrison attack damage are important to balancing out TC damage where currentlly they demolish anything that accidentally dips in to range in age 1, to a fully loaded TC throwing out wet confetti at age late2-3.
Having a permanent 6 damage is just not a great solution with armor values scaling like they do. It makes a second TC almost a freeby since it doubles your economic growth, while being able to defend itself without any military in the time it takes to pay for itself. With the cost of rams, a 2 TC player is going to be well ahead economically by the time you can attack an undefended TC. They just cover so much area so well that its impossible to do any worthwhile economic damage to food/sometimes wood in age 1-early2. Any attempt to send army earlier than that risks way too much since a unit that gets too close to TC is getting wiped almost instantly.
This flips around in later ages when pierce armor catches up, and garrisoned vils hit pretty much everything for 1 damage. Now this isn’t the biggest issue right now, but I believe the reason raiding isn’t more common is because microing raiders to not attack buildings is just as APM intensive as trying to defend it. The attacker has to micro on to vils, and defender has to send army back since garrisoned vils can’t kill units in any reasonable time frame. If attack move gets fixed to only attack units (which it definitely should) sending 20ish units with 5+ pierce armor is going to be far too easy of a way to distract an opponent that doesn’t have conqueror level micro.
Nerfing TC base damage, while giving it the option to research upgrades like castle turret, to increase garrison damage and maybe range, will fix both of these problems. Allowing for more early game aggression, making a second TC a riskier choice, and providing options for late game defense that aren’t walling off the entire map. Or/also you can change stats around so non-capitol TC’s get lower stats.
Anyway, just to clarify this isn’t one of those “FIX YOUR GAME” posts. AOE4 is great but I think it has potential to be better. And with the upcoming season 3 TC nerfs it seems like its an acknowledged problem, but I’m not confident that the nerfs will do much, other than cripple the Rus.