Anyone wondered why the monitor is so huge

Before battleship, monitor is the largest ship on par with frigates. However:

  1. It gives the impression of being tanky but actually has only 1200hp.
  2. In reality bomb vessels or mortar ships were generally smaller.

Do people think the model should be made smaller?

(BTW monitor is not a proper name for the unit)


my impression always was that either they ran out of time/resources or that they wanted something more modern and then chose against it later without coming up with a more appropriate vessel.

They wanted to have a cannon galleon.


I would say Caravel and Monitor is the right size, its Frigate that just smaller

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They’d also normally have multiple (smaller, often Coehorn) mortars instead of a huge mortar that would gradually break the ship.

Their name should also be Bomb Ship or Bomb Vessel as well - Monitor is such an awesome name with no relevence (at least Bomb Ship is self-explantory, lobbing bombs!).

Both the monitor and frigate would be greatly improved by narrowing and shrinking them down. They look a bit - blobby.

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The proportion of frigates make them look “fatter” than battleships, though the latter is larger in size.

Yeah they always felt a little too rotund.

Galleons and Fluytes on the other hand are nicely chubby! (Fluytes were sometimes referred to as beer barrels by some navies).