Anyones Chat lagging badly?

So from past few days maybe a week, wherever I send an in-game chat (Lobby or in a match) the chat is sent after 15-20 secods maybe more I think, but its significantly late and I think the lag time is consistent everytime.


The taunts are instantanious, and are sent almost immediately.

Anyone else facing something similar ?

Not about the chat, but I’ve had an overall performance drop for the past week.

  • I’ve changed no settings.
  • It happens randomly (mostly on big battles)
  • It is BAAAAD

I recently lost a good ranked game because I lagged on all the important fights, eliminating all chance for micro.

Has anyone got this as well? It’s not a constant low fps, its every half a minute or so that it lags a tad.

I’ve had a few crashes, but I don’t know if that’s a computer problem or instability in the game