AoE 1 Campaigns in Return of Rome

Both the teaser trailer and the steam page does not make this clear:

Will the Return of Rome DLC bring all the AoE 1 campaings…? Because that’s what I want from the DLC and I simple don’t find any official confirmation that they will be back.


Same. As simple as “3 new campaigns” sounds it doesn’t answer the question.


Yeah, it does not make it clear that they are a plus from the originals or the only AoE 1 campaigns we are gonna get.

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They say “three new campaigns”, but not “three campaigns”… so, there are some possibilities:

  • Only the three mentioned campaigns will be released, and no more ones will be added.
  • The three campaigns are in addition to older ones, which have been AOE2-ized. This is very unlikely, because it would mean not only porting the campaigns themselves, but also adding voice acting, starting and ending storytelling and so on… unless they have worked on this DLC for months (or in a hurry).
  • The three mentioned campaigns have been created and included in the first release, and the older ones will be added later.

I would love to see the original campaigns remade, but I think the 3 campaigns are replacing them.


From the interview with Adam back in October we know that they try to bring content and campaigns from AoE 1 to AoE 2. So either all of AoE 1’s campaigns will be there on 16th May or they’ll be added over time.

Source (jump to 51:24):

SO TRUE! He says “moving campaigns and content from Age I into Age II”.


We may be forced to make fan made ones by using the scenario editor.

I hope they are included that is the only question stopping me from pre-purchasing right now.


Is the Egyptian tutorial campaign included with the DLC?

I would love it.
I pre purchased it already, for the QOL improvements (I miss AoE from time to time and DE is definitely clunky), and for the 3 new campaigns.

I hope they do sooner or later.
AOE1 campaigns are very bare-bone. Some of the most important and well-known themes like Alexander the Great and Caesar are poorly represented.
New ones are nice but we shouldn’t miss the go-to “classics” for any game depicting this period.

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That’s what i’m talking about, he really does says moving campaigns and content to age 2.

But we still don’t know if all the AoE 1 campaigns will be present on release. Hope a dev make this clear because it’s an important point for purchase.


Still waiting for information.

Did any dev talked about it anywhere…?

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Not sure why they advertise the new campaigns as “fully voiced”, the AoE1DE campaigns also had a voiced narration before the mission and there was even a special one that you only get when you lost the mission.
AoE2(DE) usually has very little narration within a mission, it’s often just a hand full of lines, most of the narration happens before the mission too.

The interesting part about AoE2 missions is that there are triggers and not just victory conditions.
That allows so much more interesting mission design.

The other factor that is also important is the amount of nice little details AoE2DE scenarios have, that seem to exist in RoR too.
On the few screenshots we have on the Steam page we can already see a lot of small details like statues, columns, destroyed catapults and a bunch of other things that did not exist in AoE2DE yet.

One thing I hope they added are Heroes with unique models, hopefully not just the ones that appear in the 3 new campaign.
I think many people want to have famous people like Hannibal, Caesar, Alexander the Great, Ramses II, Emperor Ying Zheng (first Emperor of China) and many more as heroes with unique models even if they don’t appear in any campaign.

I Hope they have remastered AoE1 campaigns, to make ROR at least a little interesting to me, since we Will not get any aoe2 campaign.


The Dream is over!

Devs told on Facebook that the AoE original campaign content will not come to Return of Rome :sob:


I already downloaded The Holy Man as custom campaign.

For sure ppl will bring campaings back making them by themselves, no need microsoft here xD

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Yes, if they won’t give us the original campaigns, we’ll bring them back xd… back in the day I was going to port the Yamato campaign… half in RoR (178-300) and half in AoE 2 (587- 740)…maybe add one or two more missions, let it be the Emi rebellion (764) and the transfer of the capital to Kyoto (794)…

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This is sad… although it wouldn’t be the first time they said they wouldn’t do something and went ahead and did it anyway if they did choose to import them later so here’s hoping.