AoE (1) Definitive edition Ai resign

Hello so after trying to find anything on AoE definitive edition in regards to stopping the ai from always resigning as its annoying when most of the time they do that, even when they could be ahead.

I can not find anything its all for AoE 2, so my question is how can i stop them from doing this.

(This bits unrelated to my main question)
When i tried logging in it brought me to the Microsoft account login page so I did but it was wanting me to sign up here after, i couldn’t use my email because it was already used. I couldn’t login to my account, so I ended up having to use a different email. Its my first time using the forum but i did sign up to the main aoe site a year orv2 ago…

I can only answer the first question.
That the AI resign can unfortunately not be prevented.
However, it has to be said that it was meant well that the AI gives up at all, because in the original game it couldn’t do that, which meant that you often ended up spending ages looking for individual pawns or houses (for example) on huge maps. This was often annoying and should be prevented. But so one has here, as not seldom, unfortunately not readjusted.

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Thats unfortunate… while i do understand the looking for a house or building, it happens way too often, even when they have a good chance of continuing to fight. In my mentioned above scenario it was me with 2 ai allies and 2 ai enemies, one of them was weak and had resigned after raids, however the other was the strongest out of all of us, and nearly wiped me out, with elephants.

That was when the ai both came up and practically saved me while i was preparing other bases to survive. After that they resigned cutting it short. They still came out on top.