AOE 1 graphics into ROR?

I’m a bit dissapointed that the terrain features of AOE1 like berries, mines, trees, grass clumps, cactus, desert patches etc. weren’t ported and we will use the AOE 2 graphics.

Do the devs plan to reimplement the AOE1DE gaia items into the scenario editor to be able create scenarios using the old graphics? That way the game will be a lot more unique and distiguishable. The way it appears is like you can barely tell the games apart.


I consider serious what you say, because there should not be a feeling that RoR is a renamed aoe2de.

The elephants, crocodiles, trees, lion, whale etc from AOE1DE should come over as well. They had African elephants not Asian ones in AOE1DE.


I agree. I like the look of the new RoR farms, but I was hoping for all the terrain from AoE1 to be available in AoE2. I’d particularly like the AoE1 forest types. The Mediterranean forest in AoE2 originated in AoE1, so I don’t see why we can’t have the other tree types (elm, ash, sago palm, etc.) as well.

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Aren’t the crocodiles and lions the same in AoE2DE already anyway?

I like the AoE2DE terrain and it has a lot more variety then the AoE1DE terrain.
I thing the AoE1DE terrain wouldn’t mix well with the AoE2DE terrain so I get why they decided to not port that over too.

I would like to have different farm variations, with less pots and no pots all mixed.

Graphics has always been the biggest “selling point” of aoe1 since the 90s.

For me it is no brainer, the devs should port all of the assets, that do not cause some kind of problem we do not know of course.


100% agree. I suspect this is not difficult to implement at all since they for sure have the original assets even if rescaling is necessary.

There is no excuse that justifies not having AoEDE terrains/forests/gaia objects in Return of Rome. Do it FE, please.


Does the majority of people like the AOE1DE terrains more then the AoE2DE ones though?

I can see why you and some others prefer them but who is the majority?

The question is who is the most suitable to take that decision. I guess, someone who hasn’t tried both, can not be the most suitable.

Obviously we don’t have any voting sample to talk about anyway.

Only way to find out is to do a poll on the AoE1 board.

Personally I’ve always much preferred AoE1’s aesthetics (with the expansion or DE), but there’s a smaller divide with the terrain than with the sounds, the music, the units and building graphics.

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I don’t know about the terrain, if it scales differently due to tile resizing of whatever. But berries or gold mines? Various animals as people say, why not? There is no reason not to be ported, like every other unit model. And the readability of an AoE2 player remains absolutely intact.

The only reason is to hold file size (I guess), with a great toll in variety. AoE1DE aesthetics are the safest bet, they worth:

PS: Despite that the Bell is quite old development, the RoR town bell sound (identical to AoE2), to me brings a medieval sensation in the middle of the stone age/antiquity. Maybe because it sounds like a quality bell of the common era, or because it’s simply the same sound. This should be addressed imo.

I think there are some other reasons:

  • Make it look more appealing to AoE2DE players
  • Utilise the lot bigger terrain variety of AoE2DE (AoE1DE only has grass, dirt and little bit inbetween)
  • AoE2DE has 2 terrain layers and AoE1DE only has one
  • More experience with AoE2 style terrain and models
  • Being able to reuse a lot of cosmetic objects from AoE2DE

Besides the one that they might just visually have preferred it.

I made a poll, maybe both treads can be merged.

Regarding bullet # 1, to have ‘Return of Rome’ in AoE2DE players’ screen, is more than enough I guess. How about those players.

I don’t have opinion about # 2, 3, 4 (terrain).

We know that the Vietnamese Fan base did not like AoE1DE, I have no idea if they will like RoR and if the Terrain even plays a relevant role for their decision.

I wish they didn’t block editing so quickly.

They obviously can’t change it before the release of the DLC anymore though. There is not enough time and this will definitely not be a reason to delay the DLC.


Doesn’t the terrain here look a lot like the AoE1DE terrain?
This is in RoR!

To summarize, I don’t believe AoE2DE players ignore AoE1DE because of its aesthetics, the berries or golds that are visually different. Most probably ignore it because it has different structure of economy, army balance, and mechanics… things they have to learn from scratch. The only visual thing it might alienate them, could be the different scale of the buildings, which is now gone (and of some units like elephants, the “dwarf elephants” according to reports, idk). And mechanics now are of AoE2DE.

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