AOE 1 players likely not moving with this DLC

against what devs are hoping for, majority of vietnamese players may not adopt the DLC at all. someone made a post in aoe4 forum side, though the hardware issue is known, what about the game mode?

I don’t recall aoe1 much but this chariot archer + infinite food sounds similar to death match? so DM type games are most popular among them? any ideas?

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To my knowledge, Random Map games that start in Stone Age are played at 2x speed, so you kind of have a Deathmatch hybrid. At least that were the settings the Red Bull finals of AoE 1 were played on.

Oh wow, those are not the kind of settings I’d expect. What is “random full tech”? I assume random civ, but on full tech tree that only affects the architecture and interface style, so it seems odd.

DE supports infinite resources without exploiting a bug, so that seems like a plus to me. The tech tree restrictions are presumably player-imposed anyway, so I don’t see how DE is any worse for that.

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i did not expect those either rofl

We’ll need more infos about ROR before judging, currently all we have is an artwork and a release date. I was lukewarm about AOE2 DE until I had the information that it would contain all HD expansions (it wasn’t explicitely said at first) and saw the result, making it a straight improvement over the HD version.

Now in AOE2 you can play full techs too (besides the architecture, civs retain their UU and UT but lose all their bonuses), and having automated reseeding mean once your economy is launched you need not manage it much. As for some type of gentlemens’ agreement like not building walls, there is nothing that prevent you from playing so.

We know from the same interview with Adam which confirmed that AoM:R will use AoE 3 DE’s engine that RoR will bring AoE 1 into AoE 2.

Yes but we still haven’t seen any gameplay screenshot or video, nor any feature list that are improvements over AOE1 CD and DE.

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lol those sound like such boring game types.

Gates, formations, market buy and sell and land trade will be in RoR dlc + some new techs.


I also expect rebalances, AOE1 civs are nowhere near as well balanced as the current AOE2 ones.

AOE has no unique units or technology - op civilization bonuses + your imagination serves that purpose.

What is unique technology - it’s just civ bonus you have to pay for it. So I see no reason to make unique techs for AoE1 civs if it can be just another bonus right away.

the thing is, if its similar to death match then its a lot about speed and you would get action fairly quickly compare to traditional random map. though it does leave out a lot of strategy portion of RTS.

UTs allow a better balancing for bonuses that only come later in the game. It also brings a strategic element instead of being given at most upon an age up.

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In the Return of Rome wikia page is that you want…

I also think it won’t be adopted by the Age1 community, which is why I think they should make it as close to Age2 as possible, with unique units and techs, and not just an Age1 port.

and add some cross-playable civs…

That depends on the game balance. The centurion (maxed out hoplite, kinda equivalent to the teutonic knight but a generic unit) has 160 hp (equal to the paladin), 30+7 attack used every 1.5 second (the charged attack of the coustilier used as quickly as a bulgarian cavalier) and 8+6/0+3 armour (a maxed out paladin deals only 4 damage) for a cost of 60 food and 40 gold.

Unit stats absolutely would not be balanced unless rewriting the stats of all units from the ground up.