Aoe 2 DE 1 min Resign for no point loss

this was just an anomaly, i have resigned in 1:30 due to external reasons and got a beautifull point loss :slight_smile:
EDIT you mean after the latest patch?

Yes, some days ago. The enemy paused, because he wanna fix this wifi. Than we continu playing. Than he pauses again to fix his wifi again. No response after 5 minutes. Beating a AFK player isnt fun, so i quited the game. This was last saterday or sunday, i think.

malicious? can you chill with the overreactions? We get it, you hate DE love Voobly and you’re gonna boycott it in this forum hoping the “turncoats” will come back to Voobly


Lol, i do not have many games where enemy left early. I dont really see the issue. I feel like playing more maps is for most players a blessing. For me it was to much Arabia and Black forest. There were no real other maps played at voobly. Sometimes you got Arena or Nomad. Almost every game was the same. I really like having a map pool and the ability to play more different maps.

If it is about the Save and Exit button: Yes we need this button back. Although i dont use this feature much at Voobly. Only in some team games if an ally dropped because of a bad connection in the early game (mostly before Castle age in BF games).

Yes taking away a popular playstyle in a game that is supposed to be the “definitive edition” is malicious. It’s obvious why this leaving before 1 minute became an issue in DE, and instead of dealing with that issue they double down and punish those players even more.

I really want to like DE across the board, however they don’t let me. No I don’t want everyone to go back to voobly or HD, we need to go forward and unite the playerbase.


No one is saying you have to play only 1 map, but many people enjoy that. They can give us a fully featured ranked lobby, or integrate it into MM.

The lobby system combined with the rating system made people just play one map only. This pushed the playstyle to the meta of Voobly, where not many maps where played. Since it become the meta and accepted way to play the game, everyone just followed the meta. Not everyone was fan of this meta. Many players want something different, but it was just not possible.

The main issue of the lobby system combined with the rating system is that Elo isnt really transferable between different kind of maps. When i started to play the game, i started with Black Forest. I felt it was the most noob friendliest maps of the popular maps. You can just wall, boom and have a post imperial fight. So i learned how to boom. Starting with FC, making more TCs in castle age. The fighting started in the imperial age. So the first part of the game i could concentrate on my eco, the last part of the game i could concentrate on military. I started to get better and my rating improved.

After a while i decised i wanna play maps with early agression too. So i decided to start playing Arabia. I didnt know how to fast feudal into scouts / archers / MAA / towers. If i played against players of my own rating, i was completely slaughtered. So i wanna play against lower rated players (only their rating was lower, there skill might even be better), but they didnt want to play me, because of my high rating. So after some tried to play Arabia, i was kinda forced to play Black forest again.

DE matching solved this issue with match making system. Your rating is really your average skill. This is needed for Match making to be a success. If you want match making to match equally skilled players, the overall skill level of both players needs to be the same. Otherwise you go back to the situation of Voobly.

I see this as a blessing for the game. I feel like it wasnt only me, but many players want more variety in the maps they play, but they were caught in the system. Now they are free again. There is no solution to me to make everyone happy. I think the current solution makes most players happy, so this is the best for the game.


this is all good but it does not answer my question :slight_smile:

The current rules arent clear and consistent. I have heard about losing points for resigning in the first minute, but i have also experience with not losing any points with resigning after 4-5 minutes. I think nobody really knows the current rules except for the devs. And i havent seen much of the devs in these threads. They mostly read, not post, is my idea.

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If you enjoy the map pool in MM, fine. That is besides the point that others can enjoy the ranked lobby. If there was a fully featured ranked lobby, players would probably not leave at 1 minute.

However I believe the average elo argument for MM is always exaggerated since accuracy is already improved compared to traditional lobbies because 1) you eliminate choice over opponent. 2) you eliminate niche maps. And average elo already explains that it’s just the average you are making, so in fact your elo doesn’t match any of the 9 maps. I’m not saying it’s a bad system, but people get a bit religious about it. Compare that to my lobby elo, where I play others that are likeminded. Our elo is more accurate towards eachother. Now some people expect that lobby elo can be accurate for a large variety of maps, well ofcourse that doesn’t work. You need to understand the limitations of the system, but in return you get the freedom of playing your favorite map.

Given the fact that a MM system that allows “opt in” map choice would still be more accurate and faster than a traditional lobby along with respecting both playstyles, I hoped we could come together as a community. However if many feel that those playstyles are incompatible, then I can accept playing in a fully featured ranked lobby.

Well said, our lord and saviour will be proud!
Game feels more alive than ever.

I just discovered why i was losing so much elo… Because i dont like to play nomad or megarandom and i just quit before 1 min. Now DE takes that as a lost and takes me out elo. Is that a bug or is it intended? I want to play arabia or arena but not those maps that i personally dont like and I am a bit angry that the game forces me to play maps i don’t like.

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Have a look at that thread. It is about the same subject. Not every love the change of having a map pool. This is discussed in that thread (and many others).

Loosing ELO is a bit weird. One time it happens, other time it wont. I really dont know what the rule is. I have quit one time after 4-5 minutes and still didnt loose ELO for example… I have to say i quited for another reason.

DE doen’t tell you that you have lost point when you resign before 1 min, but you actually DO lose elo, altough you may not know.

lol you mean ethicaly?

I like how the community is flagging your comment as bad content. All it was is a viewpoint on the status of the recent patch.

Yes, ignore that the devs are now using lazy solutions (ie implementing point loss in the first minute) rather than actually addressing the issues that are actually irritating players to make them quit in the first minute. That makes total sense. :roll_eyes:


This is exactly my problem too but I don’t see how DE rating represents your average skill. As you said: most people are way better on closed maps. I can play teamgames with 2+++ players on BF but I get slaughtered by 15++ players on arabia.

If anything, they should have a different rating system for a closed map pool and an open map pool. I’m a huge fan of being forced into different maps but they should divide them up into 2 or 3 pools (open, closed and islands).

Are you saying you can keep up with 2k team players if it’s a black forest game, but tend to lose in team games to 1500 players team arabia games?

To be honest it feels like if you ended up with an average team elo of 1750 or something that would seem reasonable provided the pool had a mix of open and closed maps.

I don’t think the team game elo is in any way settled at the moment - Viper is 2200, so is Nili, Hera is 1800, MBL 2163 etc.

I feel like for 1v1 I would believe it over the Team rating. (I always felt like I would be at a disadvantage in team games if I’m not playing with someone I know on my team, or if I couldn’t use discord/steam etc to chat with my teammate say in 2v2 - as in there’s other factors than just maps civs that can mess with ratings in team games - communication would be important)

If there have been problems with team matchmaking in the past (matching average vs sum) maybe the ratings for win/losses have been wrongly updated for months too which could’ve messed up the ratings.

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I was using Team Game rating as a reference but after reading into it, it would seem that TG rating means nothing. Let’s just say that I can compete with 16++ (1v1 rating) players on BF TG whereas I’m only worth 1250 (1v1 rating) on TG Arabia.

I guess I can understand that the meta for Black Forest is very different to other maps - I mean the settings are a bit different too explored vs standard fog. It’s also arguable that water maps are wildly different too.

I feel though that it’s always going to difficult to know which maps you could fairly ‘average’ the ratings over (average in the sense they both count toward the same elo).

At the same time though you kind of want as little numbers to mean the most possible they can - I would assume it would be unmanageable if you have a rating for every different map, maybe it’s reasonable to split ratings between open/closed/water-hybrid , maybe if these were separate map pools it might make other people that want to play only one type of map happier too.

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You are not really considering the other side of the coin in this scenario.

If I’m happily playing matchmaking, and players are quitting in the first minute because they don’t want to play the map (that they could have banned before queueing), these players are wasting my time by putting me back in the queue.

Previously, these players were circumventing the rules of the matchmaking system in order to play only their preferred maps instead of adhering to the 4 bans that they are allowed in the case of 1v1, as a developer, I would consider this an exploit, and I would fix it, just like they did.

Now, while I don’t disagree that there are issues that need to be addressed - be it in the way of a ranked lobby, or a better pick system for maps in MM - it’s still rude to just resign in the first minute because you didn’t like your map, or because your opponent picked a civ you don’t like playing against.