AOE 2 DE Beta to Full edition update

If I get AOE 2 DE beta invite on steam and I then install the 20-30 GB game and beta test the game and soon beta will finish and in Fall/September the game will be released, do I have to install 20-30 GB game again or beta will update to full bought edition?

I already have AOE 2 HD and it will cost me around 1050 Rupees, around 15 USD

Age of Empires II : Definitive Edition will cost $19.99 for new players, and $14.99 for folks who already own Age of Empires II : HD Edition on Steam.

Edit :: Fall --> October not September, release month

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Hi @RealityWords, Beta keys are usually revoked at the end of the beta which means the game must be uninstalled before installing the release version. There has been no announcement how this will work when the game releases. This is just my informed opinion.


Okay. Thanks for the reply.