AoE 2 DE: DLC: Return of Rome: Errors

General main game and all DLCs:

Transport ships game delays with loaded units:
-With the ships you have always to go to the coast first in order to be able to unload the units. So you have to do a total of 3 clicks for this, first click on the ship to make them go to the country coast, then to click on the offload symbol on the units, although you can solve the matter with 2 clicks.
-You click firstly on the transport ship than forthwith to the country point, where I want, that the units come down there.
-With the current 3 clicks, that I have to do for this, I often lose too much time, if I come down on foreign country with my units, which moreover has a negative impact on the course of the war.
-I hope now, that you will also fix this game technical error soon, so that the game will be smoother and easier in this case. Please let me then know, if you have improved this thing as well.

Behaviour of the Monks:
Monks often just stand there despite the order to attack instead of carrying out the order, you should this improve. I must every time, If I send monks to attack with the other war units, 3 to 4 times click, until the monks finally move, really tedious.

Just DLCs:

2 DLCs does not work:
All “Lords of the West” and “Dawn of the Dukes” campaigns do not work on my Xbox Microsoft version at loading, although I have bought both since a long time and now I see only black screen, if I click to this campaigns. These crude gameplay bugs you should fix it soon. All other campaigns work well.

Thank you for reading.


Hi @RealMatrim2
Can you elaborate on your first point regarding the issue with the transport ships?
The rest is already being tracked :slight_smile:

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I can do that gladly :sweat_smile: It is not a classical bug, which I reported here, but a game technical error which can be good improved. I have now “edited” the text on the matter in the relevant entry. I hope, that the issue with the offloaded units on transport ships is better to understand for you.

Thank you for that. I checked out, unfortunately these 6 campaigns from these 2 DLCc still do not work for me, the black screen still appears. I hope, you can fix this bug shortly. Keep in mind, the bug takes place in the single player campaigns.

I saw moreover an another gameplay error, a German translation error. If I click on the button Single player, then Campaigns, then Asian campaigns, the “Prithviraj campaign” is described as playing the “Gurjaras”, if in fact we are playing the “Hindustanis”, which came out before the 3 new civs of the Dynasties of India dlc have come to the game. Please correct this translation error as soon as possible.

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You can select the loaded transport ship with a click, then press Q(default hotkey for ungarrisoning) and then click on the coast :slight_smile:

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May I remark a maybe bug.In the Trajan Campagin,the computer doesn’t seem to work properly,especially at mission 5 where he does not travel towards the Sea.On any diff