If there are any noobs out there that need help with the editor I will make a instructional video on how to do anything that you want done. just reply with your question.

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How to make a custom ai. Im not very advanced but it would be nice to give it alt strategy

So i am trying to make GAIA units hostile, similar to how they work on Battle royale gamemode, I know you can put a player unit then convert it to gaia with triggers on the editor to convert them to enemy but they don’t attack or move

Im not a youtuber just a aoe2 fan

There are plenty of moded AI you can download but to make your own custom AI is way to advanced. I would just start with triggers that force the Ai to do what you want. Did you have anything more specific.

No it was just a general start. So i would be using trigger comnands the whole time

Yes but there are plenty of mods out there with custom made AI.