Aoe 2 DE enhanched graphigs pack steam

where can i find on steam the enhanched graphigs pack? i havent played the beta, and i dont see it as an DLC.
Can i preload that as well or do i have to wait when the games comes live?

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Right click on AoE II DE in your Steam Librabry > Properties… > DLC > Here you go. It’s set to available by default.

there is no DLC option for me for aoe 2 DE. thats odd. i do have DLC for aoe 2 HD. really weird

You have AoE II DE on Steam ?

yes, maybe i need to reinstall the game, where you in the beta? maybe then its different

Well, yes. I was in beta. But I can not pre download DLC too.

then i suppose i can download the DLC when the game goes live, thx for helping me

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Enhanced Graphics DLC is now available on Steam. Apologies for the delay, but you should see it for free on the Steam store page.

Here is a link for easy access:

I get an ‘an error occured 14064’ message when I try to download it.

I’m guessing that’s a ‘we’re too busy’ message, I’ll keep trying.