AOE 2 DE hotkeys

i wish to have an option to have a hotkey for selecting “all barrack units”, “all archery units”, “all stable units”, “all siege units” etc… it will be much better to command your army, like in AOE3DE


Read more carefully :slight_smile:
OP wants to select the units comming from those buildings, not the buildings themselfes.


Yeah this will be very good and helpful

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Do you really have a lot of occasions where you truly want all units from across the map going to the one location you specify? Using existing functionality to just manually assign control groups per unit type seems better to me, since the units I’m selecting are a lot more localized to where I’m viewing, vs. selecting them from all over the map. That is, unless these hotkeys would work with mouse double-clicks, so that if I select a Scout with the hotkey, it selects all stable units in the vicinity, for example.

I can only think of one time I want this and that is when I am trying to cleanup straggler units that wandered off chasing something and are now taking up pop but not doing anything useful.

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Same, but by this point, you can just use the existing hotkey to select all idle military units and easily bring them all to the same point on the map with one mouse click. By this point in the game, I have no need to bring the military units to one location unit type by unit type; just bring 'em all at once for me! :slight_smile:

I also feel adding these hotkeys could maybe be adding another automation I don’t want in the game. Borderline crosses over into the realm of the game simplifying too much/too many things. I feel players should continue to have to micro this manually, as part of separating good and bad players is unit management… complete with all the quirks and inefficiencies like this that comes with it.

I see the benefits of both sides, but I’m currently leaning against it

If u play like noob does not mean that other noobs will play like you…

Anyway, in the game u are being raided and pikes should be in the back, army in the front.
An hussars doing their dirty thing in the opponents base.