AOE 2 DE Japanese unique unit replacement suggestion

Hi, I’m not a pro, so I won’t go all Spirit of the Law.

I simply looked at the samurai, the unique unit of japanese, whose trait is to be an anti unique unit. However I through it is kind of lame since many many of those units are archers or cav archers. How can a samurai could even be worth against?

So I through: why not make the samurai unit a cav archer unit?
In historical context, the first samurai were cav archers, and they had some features very singular as such: they mounted small ponies not really fast, they have low range bow but were very accurate with it, they sought “worthy” opponents, and they have an excellent anti arrow armor.

So what would the samurai unit be like? How about that:

-It would have a great pierce armor, so they are not very afraid of archers.
-They would have a very low range, thus they need a good micro handling if want to avoid pikes.
-They would still retain their bonus against unique unit.
-They would have a slow speed for horses (something a bit above speed of an elephant, like 1.2 speed?)
-They’ll have lower frame delay than cav archers
-Their armor depend on the cavalry line armor.

And the japanese unique tech in imperial age instead of katapuruto would be “Yabusame”, that give samurai very high piercing damage.

Is this unit op? No: while it can withstand archers due to high pierce armour and can be very punishing to heavy armored units, swarm of pikemen are still a threat, as well as handcannoners because of their very low range and low firing rate and their lack of cavalry plate barding armor technology.

This unit would thus nicely complement japanese infantry and allow samurai to fulfill totally their “anti unique unit” function.

Would this be worth a thought? A test?

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How about leave it as it is?


I think he brings up a decent point. It doesn’t scale as good as other civs

I would like to see a mounted samurai with a naginata spear, or a high pierce armor warrior monk with heal ability


Imagine an upgrade in the reverse of Bulgarians’ unique unit where produced samurai will mount horses that run to the castle from off screen.

Having said that, I think it should be left as it is with any balance required being done to the base unit (no idea if that is the case).

There is a scenario unit like that.

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Yesterday I played a battle against the hard AI, Japs, Chinese and Mongols, and I thoroughly trounced my enemies using Samurai and Arbs.

No need to alter the Japanese.


pls devs for next April fools

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Well I’m not a dev, I just posted a suggestion and people are free to comment, and as I say, I’m not a pro. You guys are more qualified than me to say how it could affect and change balance in a positive or negative way.

I suggested it because japanese unique unit doesn’t fit really with its special ability and act more as an alternative champion and because japanese civ beside skirmisher haven’t anything proper to counter archers in late game, lacking the last cavalry armor and the hussar upgrade. But well, it is just a thought.

The thing is the Japanese are a classic civ, with a very distinct and classic unique unit. Plus they have always seem balanced and many people like to play them as they are. Bringing such drastic changes to them would open the door to drastically changing the entire game itself. Nobody would like that, and the developers are not going to do it anyway.

What you’re calling for can simply be made via a custom mod.


Perhaps it could lead to new content that would not recquire creating entire new civ like burgundians or sicilians. For example an “alternative edition” with little changes on factions unique units or else that could create new gameplay for said factions.

But that would be another topic…

If they bring in a coop mode they could have small faction differences to mix up gameplay. Starcraft 2 did that well with unique units and other abilities. That would depend on how popular the devs think this would be for an expansion.

It could be interesting but I would still wish those resources to focus on competitive gameplay and improving the current iteration of the game.

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Again, mods can do that.

Otherwise, if the devs open up a new feature like that it would be opening Pandora’s box…

SC has only 3 factions so they needed to make sub factions for coop mode. AoE ofc doesn’t have this problem.

That is your opinion, not a fact.

They should have the mounted samurai considering it’s in the game albeit needs a better skin

Again I am not saying any such idea should be incorporated/prioritised over the pressing issues to be addressed in the game.

To be honest, I cannot even pick a favourite civ in the other thread as now there are too many. The devs need to focus on the core elements of the game before embarking on any crazy expansion (which will probably be never). The multiplayer experience should take precedent.

I think I have come to accept that people have their ideas on this forum, which have a very low likelihood of getting into the game or will just not fit into how the game has always been played. They just want to enjoy the idea for a few minutes. There would probably need to be a massive uprising from the entire community for such concepts to gain any real attention/traction.


I think you might be right…