Who’s with me on this?

  • Yes, a GOG version is great.
  • I don’t think it’s worth it
  • It does not make a difference for me

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This is definitely not so important but a good thing to point out.

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GOG has some sort of “DRM Free” policy, amirite?
The good thing is that i may be able to put the game in an external storage device, and play around in random pcs (cof cof university labs). And i won’t even need to pirate it!
And since the game has been cracked already there’s no real reason on why not put it there.

tbf, when there’s a Steam version of the game there’s little chance it won’t be cracked.

And imagine GOG has SW: GB (Basically SW AOE2) but no version of AOE2…

I mean, SW: GB is a really good game but no AOE2 even AOC? If they put AOE2 DE in there it would be great

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