AOE 2 DE should consider new Data Mod and cultural reskin DLC

Hi devs,

Can you all please slowly redo civis and add unique mechanics, like mongol buildings able to transform into a cart and can migrate across map. Mangudai that can shoot while moving. similarly other unique mechanics, new UU to each civilization. This can be a new data mod which people can plug and play, that way the vanilla game will be preserved and people want to enjoy variety can do that and all can enjoy what they want.

Currently even if you add new civs, all civs ultimately feel very similar.

Similarly a DLC where you reskin every generic unit of each civ based on cultures, like Central Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe etc. All units looking same just adds to the monotony and samey feeling of the civs and gameplay.

These are few things AOE 2 DE can do for future instead of churning out civs that feel same other than having a different banner.


Sounds like aoe4. Good news. It’s coming. Let aoe2 be aoe2 and aoe4 be aoe4.

I’m all for regional monks and rulers.

As for individual unit skins I’m fine with those ad long as they are client side only


Please leave the old man alone and play with the grandchild.

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it will still be AOE 2, just play with another data mod, if you don’t want switch back.

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so make your own mod for that and play that way. no reason to change the base game for a very small group

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lmao how is base game changing? Base game is base game, data mod are given for that to use whatever you want. You can switch between them and play how you want. If you want to play base game use that.

so go make the mods. tell me - how many mods have the devs actually released? and how long do you honestly think it would take them to develop a mod where for example, mongols can pack up their entire base?
furthermore how long do you think it would take them to make unit skins for each unit for each skin in the game?
I’d rather them spend that time on Improving ladder, Fixing Pathing, Fixing bugs, etc.

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yeah and I would rather have them work on things like these.

So why don’t you make it yourself?

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I support unique civ architecture sets, and ideally totally unique optional free unit skins to make them more historically accurate for each civ, but not reworking base mechanics to be more like AoE IV. Mangudai for example are already OP in the lategame, with almost no truly effective counter once massed and fully upgraded. They don’t need to be able to fire while moving. Elephant archers on the other hand though…

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Give me the unique skin pack for each region and no other RTS will ever beat AoE2.

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Optional and client side only and I agree


Because the graphics used by the current game are not made for amateur designers / modders to do. Unlike the original AOE2. Hence we need the game makers to at least initiate the groundwork for this.

There are literally people who post in this sub who have their own modded skins.

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Agree! 100% :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat: if AOE 2 gets unique skins for each civs, AOE 2 will be the best