AoE 2 DE

Game Version: 101.102.46236.0

  • Platform: Xbox one
    I can’t change hotkeys with either the controller or mouse and keyboard, and I’m not able to change any settings at all with the mouse. If I use the controller to highlight settings I can then use the arrow keys on the number pad to change them and navigate, but I can’t use that method to get into the hotkeys menu. If I enter the hotkeys menu and try the same method while inside I can only navigate, no editing of any hotkeys, (even in a custom profile) clearing, or resetting, only highlighting, and only if I use the num pad arrow keys (2,4,6,8) is this something Ive done? Can I fix it? I want to edit!! ),:
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Having the exact same issue. Any feedback?


Thanks for reporting this issue! We are already tracking it. The mouse and keyboard are unresponsive in some settings areas and that includes the hotkeys.

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Thanks for the reply. Is there any possible timeline on when we could expect to see a fix? I bought a keyboard and mouse specifically for this game.

We are not able to set a specific date for the fix, but this issue is being worked on.

I understand, thank you again for the responses. I’ll just look forward to the next patch!