Hello, everyone! I stopped playing Age of Empires 2 on Xbox a few months ago and switched to Age of Empires 4 on Xbox. I reinstalled the game a few days ago, but it can’t find matches. Even with crossplay activated, it takes more than 10 minutes and doesn’t find any matches. When I check the games for spectators, it shows several ongoing games, but when I try to find available games to join, none appear. It’s very strange; for example, Age of Empires 4 finds matches in 1 to 4 minutes even without crossplay. Does anyone know the reason? I believe there might be a bug in the cross-platform search.

Hm on PC I had the issue twice that matchmaking took longer than expected, and it turned out that in both cases I was on an old patch and the new one did not show for some reason. Maybe that’s not the same problem for you, but could be worth to check if you have the most recent version if you have no other explanation rn


Did you decide to just reinstall? On the PC, as there are more tools, there are also more problems and solutions. On the console there are fewer problems and also fewer options, as you simply click on install in the store and it works. I’ve already reinstalled it three times and nothing… I’m really going to abandon it.

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On my PC it worked to switch into offline mode and back online, and then Steam noticed that I needed an update. But as you said that’s different on XBox. The only thing I can think of is enabling crossplay, but you know about that as well, so probably also not the solution. Hope this gets fixed soon / you find out why you cannot find any matches. On pc, you can check the patch version in-game, maybe that’s possible on the XBox version as well and maybe it’s worth double-checking that anyways.