AOE 2: Return Of Rome

Need 250 pop and shared exploration in AOE 2: ROR


I don’t like shared exploration. Especially not for ROR. How could villages easily trade and share information without horses?

I like the idea of 250 pop, could even go to 300. 200 pop is getting stale. I wish Aoe 2 DE had a higher pop as the standard

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Shared exploration is a check box in the lobby.

(and imo, it should be on by default).

As well as population limit.

(which is standardized on 200, and now is regarded as balance dependency. After all, aoe1 made to be up to 50; 250 was just the max allowed in DE).

Regarding the actual gameplay tho, you somehow have to know how your ally is doing. Else, you will be simply bad teammate at the game, when e.g. your enemies are double attacking your ally.

We don’t need again to go though the same “Cartography” story of aoe2.

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