AOE 25th anniversary

Here we go

My bet on

AOE4 Console edition

Announcement of a remake of the first AOE with all of the modern features

For sure, we’ll have announcements and surprises


Any reason this is a straight copy of this list - with AoE II removed?

There’s no mention of any of the things listed on the official news post, either.


How do we know this is all true. It doesn’t say any of that on the official announcement page

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These were my suggestions. I modified my post.

Jesus, I seen that thread Just now. It’s like my thread.


I’m trying to not have too high hopes to not get disappointed but here’s my list that I want to see them announce:

  • Age of Empire 1, which started it all gets all the modern quality of life features that we expect from today’s RTS, for example, AoE4.

  • Age of mythology definitive edition or even Age of Mythology 2 with the Greeks, Norse & Egyptians while adding new civilizations to spice it all a bit even further :slight_smile:


Looks like they made theirs afterwards, hah. My bad, should’ve checked the times. It was only because I scrolled past it first on my way down the forum index.

For me, obviously, I’m happy with what Age IV is getting. The PUP was great fun and I had a blast with Malians and the new civ-based Art of War challenges (even though I’m, uh, not great at them).

Neat that it’s getting a ton more language support, too. The more the merrier :slight_smile:


Now that they have the engine, maybe they will go back and re-do other games. Maybe they make an AOM with the new engine

Would be awesome!


Age of Empires IV graphics and UI overhaul…


I’m sure we’ll continue to get gradual UI improvements.

A surprise “overhaul” that wasn’t in the PUP though? Nah not happening.

They also aren’t going to change the art style of the game.

We got a preview on the PUP of probably just about everything we can expect as far as in game functional changes. It was all pretty great changes though.

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This is getting tiresome, they won’t do any major graphic overhaul for AoEIV in a long long time, if ever!

You can expect minor updates to small details though as things has gotten better looking with Season 3.


Marcoracosta it’s no longer here to defend the game sadly , you’re the last bastion x)

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My dream It would be a new game set in the ancient times. Unfortunately Aoe1de It has not been a great inprovement in comparison to the other AOE games. No formations, no land commerce, no real Diplomacy, no physics etc.

And i’m not excluding that Relic could work on It. They already made something about that.

This statue Is a bonus for the CoH3’s collector edition.


I agree with you on this one, the ancient time is my favorite timeline and I’d love to get a new game set in that age, with all of the quality of life improvements, etc that a modern RTS game should have would make me so happy.

The AOEDE doesn’t do that game justice and is the weakest DE of them all. They barely did anything to that game to bring it back to modern life.


Yes agree with you. I Think Aoe1de has been a such of experiment to revitalize the franchise in order to increase the hype for the Aoe4.

But we have to be honest: the ancient times it’s maybe the most interesting periodo: Great Battles in formations, hoplites, phalanx, Roman legions.

I’m Happy to see the probably upcoming AOMDE but i would like to see also a new modern title set in the ancient times.

25th Will be the anniversary of the First Aoe and we Hope to see announcement about the development of a new game in the same period. I’m not interesting about the release date: It could be 2024/2025. I wanna hear: yes, we are starting works on the next installment of the AOE. The ancient times are coming back".


Yeah as much as I would love to hear them announcing AOMDE, for them to announce a new AOE 1 title set in the ancient time would make me so happy :slight_smile: Here’s hoping!

They kind of already did this with AoEO. That game was a bit of a flop, but the fan made Project Celeste did a pretty good job of fixing it up and reviving it.

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yup the game still a mess

I’m curious, do you actually even play any AoE games?

the time i was ausent I used some of them to play other aoe thta are not the 4th. Its more healthy. I only came back here with the same curiosity as some other guy: did the game git gud? I got my answer as well as you.

Which AoE games do you actually play?

I’m curious because I’ve literally never seen you make any comments that were useful, constructive, or contained any kind of intelligent thought behind them. You never make your own posts and you also never comment in any other AoE forums.

It’s like you created an account specifically just to come regurgitate any negativity about this game (even in topics that are overwhelmingly positive) that you obviously don’t play at all. It’s very strange.