AoE 3 - are revolutions any good?

Is there any point in using revolutions instead of going for age V ?

I’m new to Age 3, and I don’t see the point of revolutions.

If you would get clear benefits, it would make sense - can’t reach age V anymore but faster development and better troops. But for most revolutions you also get a drawback to your units, so it’s mostly a trade.

I’m particulary interested in the Romanian revolution. What are they good at? And when it’s the proper time to use them? Is it better to play with the Russians and go Romanian or with the Ottomans and go Romanian?

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They used to be for a last ditch, all in push but they were reworked in DE to be more viable. Unfortunately they’ve kinda been neglected since they made USA and Mexico playable civs. A few are fairly viable and some are not viable at all.

Argentina gets you super strong Mounted Granaderos

South Africa can get you an extremely productive economy

Indonesia has an elephant shipment that gets better and better each time you send it

Egypt is probably also viable with their Nizams

Mexican revolutions are newer and a lot more fleshed out and viable than the older ones

Some aren’t really viable at all with Canada and Haiti being pretty trash


What about Romania? are they useful for anything, do you have any gameplans with Romania?

This guy made a guide for the revolutions:

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Thank you, but I see nothing of a specific playstyle for the Romanians there.

They are basically just a last ditch all in, with some exceptions. If you’re in a stalemate and can’t seem to break the enemy then you can revolt and instantly double your military population. A fast revolt strat can be very strong.

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The most complete revolution, in my opinion, is Argentina. :argentina:

Does the opponent create Infantry? Mounted Grenadiers and Gatling Guns is the solution.
Does the opponent create Cavalry? Gauchos and Revolutionaries will do the job.
Does the opponent create cannons? Gauchos, mounted Grenadiers and Culebrinas will annihilate their artillery.
Does the opponent have a lot of wall and fortresses? He allows your Mortars and Mounted Grenadiers to raze his structures.

Argentina’s only weakness is its huge dependence on food and the absence of long-term economic improvements.

Also depending on which civilization you use to revolutionize you may have some advantages and disadvantages.

The Germans have a good echo thanks to their settler carts, but they lose in population and improvements for the units of Argentina.

Italians are a new thing and I haven’t quite mastered them, but they seem like they could be a good option for long-term games.

The Spanish may be the best option, thanks to the haciendas and wonderful years they can have a very strong transition, but they are also the civilization with the most military improvements for Argentina.

There are some guides on revolutions, they are somewhat outdated but I hope they help you.

Despite everything said above, I recommend that you look for the revolution that best suits your game mode. :smile:

PS: The Mounted Grenadier is not OP, do not try to use it as the only unit or you will end up losing the food and the game.


I like peru with portugal because it’s quite easy to reach max vills quickly with portugal, though it’s not as good as it once was. Equally ottoman is good to revolt with if you do the 4 town centre strat.

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Spain with the boom of haciendas and peninsular guerrillas helps Peru a lot, especially with a wonderful year.

Spain is the civilization that best treats its revolutions, in my opinion.


This talks are giving an idea to do a tier list too, but taking in account one thing it’s not so told, that is the “pre-revolution”. Some revolutions cost A LOT of cards. If we reach what i call a “Full revolution” revolt, with all cards possible to increase power, I believe we start to finds some weakness in some.

Barbary states are a gem to be found, 2 cards at most, for the best units.


Con el boom de Lombardas +XP y las 3 basílicas, Italia tiene la ventaja en lo que respecta a tarjetas y experiencia.

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Romania work best if you go with Russia, it’s playstyle is similar to Sioux and can be refreshing compared to standard Russia infantry play. The difference between Ottoman and Russian Romania is with Russia you get 10% scout cavalry card and RG Cav Archer, while Ottoman give 2x damage vs settler. Both civ also lack proper skirmisher, which Hajduk come to the rescue.

Romania Cavalry Archer has 1 rate of fire, compared to normal cavalry archer of 1.5 and dragoon r.o.f of 3.


a twitch streamer, Bremhoek, was particularly fond of the barbary revolt, i learned it from him. the outlaw tech buffs all their units and you can just slip in the breastplate and rifling ups, ship some spahi or bombards right before the revo and its really quite nasty.