AOE 3 DE : Graphics big disaster, confuse and will make you epileptic!


Here is my feelings about the new graphics after multiple hours of gaming, also i precise that i’ve a gaming pc and i run everything on max settings :

- Improved graphics for near distance but from far distance i’m sorry to say that but it’s just blurry, and very low design models if u compare with old version and units make me so confused for exemple gendarm looks like dragoons or samurai sometimes are very difficult to recognize them between musketeers.

- the models of units and buildings are smallers than TAD version even if u zoom in near distance also they standardised so much the models that results now they all looks same and are not very uniques anymore.

To be honest, I think the devs of aoe 3 classic got it rights, the game should looks good focusing from far distance instead of focusing only from near distance but forgetting the fact from far distance, now it’s just a big fail.

Thanks for reading it’s just my opinions.


Both images are from max far distance and also i use max graphics settings 1080p for both

I challenge u to say how many samurai and gendarm are on DE version image but u can clearly see how many there are in old AOE 3.

this game makes me so confuse right now i go back to TAD version


Disable anti aliasing and use the same lightning in both the pic if you want to prove your point. You can also clearly see that de view is wider, so you see more, try zooming 1 step to make it similar to vanilla.


Dude i use the same lightning wtf do u think, i will cheat on that seriously?
Anti aliasing make no difference trust me, even zooming one step won’t give the same result as the vanilla version too and it’s wider cuz i cut a little bit the image for u can focus directly the units and that’s doesn’t matter with the result, my goal is to show u the confusions for finding specific units in your army, u come with totally wrong arguments i’m losing time answering u actually and talk with respect next time wtf are u omg never seen such disrespect ■■■■ talking.

lmao, just check the shadows, does the shadow seem facing the same direction to you? Post a pic with those settings that i said.

bro listen carefully i use the same Editor for both, i use max settings for both, same RGB color, same anti aliasing, same lightning, same shadows( if u see a difference it comes from the game they changed the direction of the sun), same PC, ■■■■ that, and u come with your argument about settings why should i try to make my new AOE 3 DE to looks like the vanilla version by tricking with settings, it doesn’t make sense and even if i do my best i will never get the same result, is it difficult to understand it?

I agree with your point. I can’t even identify soldiers behind the trees, that’s why I requested immediate refund before that option expired.

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Look at the arrows

Yea as i said they changed the direction of the sun light, it’s from Scenario Editor btw
Bro last thing just do it by ur self in Scenario Editor first image for France not fully upgraded units and for Japan fully upgraded, test it, u will see by ur self and u will finally recognize the big difference

Even if you select the same lighting it might be different from RE to DE. They changed a lot even though the names are the same.


Don’t use the maximum graphics settings.

Go to Graphics Options → set Foliage and Shader on Low.

It should helps for the people who have trouble recognizing the units on the screen.

that is not the case here, look at the size of the walls, de is clearly more zoom out. Also there are added lightnings but not difference in them?

There are new lightings and old. Some old are changed. I was not passing judgement on these images, I was just sharing that even if you select the exact same named lighting on both versions of the game, it doesn’t necessarily mean it looks the same.

First of all, i tried multiple settings and it doesn’t help really much as u think.
Secondly, for sure if i want just recognize my units i can simply put all settings on low but the reason of why i play AOE3 DE it’s for graphics why should i go backwards with worse graphics than old AOE3 at max of his settings?

That just doesn’t make sense bro

For people that talk about zoom here, 3x images of 3x different zoom level still not good enough for making directly good difference between units :

Agreed on this, Horrible graphics basically 1980 Contra