(AoE 3:DE) Map Pictures & Info Repository

Hey Guys! CreativeIns1ght here! Here’s a small repository of all the maps and brief descriptions of them as well as Native Settlements for each.
I couldn’t find this Info anywhere on the Age of Empires website so i’ll post it here for everyone.
If there’s interest i’ll make something similar for all Native Settlements & Mercenaries.
Hopefully this can get pinned or something.



Beautiful, Coastal wilderness with plenty of mines – find gold deposits near the mountains.
Settlements: Nootka


Fight along the mighty Amazon River
Settlements: Maya, Tupi, Zapotec


The Inca can prove a powerful ally, but watch out for the warlike Huari.
Settlements: Mapuche

Andes – Upper:

Teams begin exceptionally close to each other – perfect for the treaty game mode.
Settlements: Incas


Fight along the western coast of South America.
Settlements: Mapuche

Arctic Territories:

A desolate land in the Arctic archipelago – wind, snow, and ice are plenty.
Settlements: -

Baja California:

Two opposing shorelines are divided by a mountain range with several chokepoints.
Settlements: Apache, Navajo, Maya


A swampland with limited space for settlements.
Settlements: Seminoles, Cherokee


A vast swampland and dense mangrove forest lie beyond a spacious starting area.
Settlements: Udasi, Sufi, Bhakti


A resource-rich island with lucrative Trade Routes in the interior and surrounded by well-charted waters.
Settlements: Jesuit, Sufi


A beautiful area along the Pacific Ocean. Towering redwoods line the shore, giving way first to mountains, then to the Mojave Desert to the east. Two native settlements of Klamath and/or Nootka are on opposite map sides, and there are always four Trading Post sites along the Trade Route.
Settlements: Klamath, Nootka


A collection of Islands in warm ocean waters.
Settlements: Caribs


Start with extra resource crates on this coastal map.
Settlements: Seminoles, Cherokee

Cascade Range: -
A snowy valley with very limited resources and treasures.
Settlements: Klamath, Nootka

Central Plain:

A long trading route spans across the open plains of central China.
Settlements: Shaolin


Migrate by sea to a large, resource-rich continent.
Settlements: Bhakti, Zen


A frosty mountainous region with a trading route that meanders through chokepoints.
Settlements: -


Two dusty red mesas occupy the center of wide-open prairies.
Settlements: Comanche, Cree


A central, forested plateau overlooking a series of strategically placed trade sites.
Settlements: Udasi, Sufi, Bhakti

Fertile Crescent:

A pair of rivers divide the region into three.
Settlements: Sufi


Players begin on the coast with a market and spawn on top of the trading route.
Settlements: Seminoles, Caribes

Gran Chaco:

Wild Llamas and plenty of wildlife roam the South American Chaco Plain.
Settlements: Tupi

Great Lakes:

Large lakes surrounded by a single circular trade route.
Settlements: Cree

Great Plains:

Home of many Natives and plenty of food.
Settlements: Comanche, Cheyenne


A series of geographic chokepoints stand in the way of abundant natural resources. A trade route runs through this mountainous region.
Settlements: Udasi, Bhakti

Himalayas – Upper:

The same chokepoints of the Himalayas but without the Trade Route to obstruct your wall placement.
Settlements: Udasi, Bhakti


A large island surrounded by warm tropical waters.
Settlements: Caribs


Players do battle around the food of a beautiful Japanese volcano.
Settlements: Zen


A narrow strip of land is surrounded with islands, one of which features a tiny Trade Route.
Settlements: Zen, Jesuit


A resource-rich land with coastal fishing and many possible alliances.
Settlements: Jesuit, Sufi


A large island surrounded by smaller ones amidst an enormous, fish-laden archipelago.
Settlements: Jesuit, Sufi


A watercourse divides the region and forks in the center to form an island.
Settlements: Klamath, Nootka


A peninsular region that touches the ocean in the north with a trading route to the south.
Settlements: Jesuit


A peninsular region with separate, defendable oceans on each side.
Settlements: Jesuit, Sufi


A coastal region sparsely littered with trees and yaks. The trading route position varies.
Settlements: Shaolin, Zen


A lengthy trading route passes through a large central mesa.
Settlements: Navajo, Apache, Zapotec, Maya


Explore generous grassland populated with unprecedented herds of grazing animals and a distant northern Trade route.
Settlements: Sufi, Shaolin

New England:

Unspoiled wilderness with central lakes and an offshore island.
Settlements: Huron, Cherokee, Cree

Northwest Territory:

A green and rainy region divided by rivers with shallow crossings.
Settlements: Nootka, Klamath


A tropical river map with crossings.
Settlements: Tupi, Maya


Dense thickets filled with wildlife dot this rolling terrain.
Settlements: Cheyenne, Comanche, Cherokee

Painted Desert:

Open desert with plentiful resources but no trade route.
Settlements: Apache, Navajo


A long grassy plain divided by a river with shallow crossings.
Settlements: Tupi, Mapuche

Pampas Sierras:

Wild llamas roam the mountains to the West – there are many Mapuche settlements but no trading routes.
Settlements: Mapuche

Parallel Rivers:

Wade upstream in pursuit of treasures, goats, and resources. The rivers can be crossed on foot.
Settlements: Zen


A continent with Trade Routes, but no Natives.
Settlements: -


A bountiful land of natural treasures and grateful Pilgrims.
Settlements: Huron


A trading route and fordable river flow through the open Punjabi plains.
Settlements: Udasi


Teams are separated by a resource-rich valley.
Settlements: Cheyenne, Comanche


A coastal region with plenty of resources. It may be summer or winter.
Settlements: Cree, Huron


A frozen river divides the map, and a Trade Route runs along the southern edge, with plentiful hunting among the great forests.
Settlements: -

Silk Road:

Travel the legendary trade route, capturing existing Trading Posts. You begin with a free Market.
Settlements: Bhakti, Shaolin, Sufi, Udasi, Zen


Cliffs and valleys, and a winding trade route.
Settlements: Maya, Apache, Navajo


An open plain with some cliffs and two Trade routes.
Settlements: Comanche, Apache

Yellow River:

Offers extra resources and choke points when flooded, but is open and fertile when dry. Trade routes on each side of the map, and many natives.
Settlements: Shaolin, Zen


Dense jungles and nearby Natives.
Settlements: Zapotec, Maya


A region of snowy trees and frosty blizzards! Find gold mines and plenty of treasure across the ice-cool river.
Settlements: Cree, Nootka


How much food from hunts and coin from mines in a 1v1 spawn?

Also what about outlaws?

The ESOC maps all have their stats available on their site, it can give you a starting point.


I thought outlaws were random and/or based off Civ. Is that incorrect?

Outlaws are map specific. Mercs are random.


hello friend, we played in a match in aoe4 beta a few minutes ago, do you use steam? can i add you somewhere? i enjoyed playing with you and wouldnt mind doing so again in the near future

Great work on the african maps by the way, really enjoying them :+1:

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The Caribean islands should be more jungle green, and if there is cacti in the game they should have a lot. The only really sandy like island is Aruba. Most of the other islands are very greeny with hills and mountainous terrain.
Too bad we don’t have a distinction between Arawak and Taïno. Here the Arawak could be a more economic focused. And the Taïno would be warlike like the current minor civ Caribe.