AoE 3 DE - Release date

I might come from a time, when game developers were extremely transparent about release dates, however, am I the only one who is extremely bothered by the complete lack of any form of transparency or news around AoE 3 DE?

At the very least it should be possible to share some new info once in a while, an update on the Development state, or an estimate quarter (Q) for it’s release. Not even asking for a date, a Q is fine…

Are the developers lacking that much control, that the above information isn’t possible for this game?


Funny, I came here looking for AoE 3 DE thread and was feeling the same way.

I find AoE games have a certain depth & quality to them much like G. Martins books on ’Game of thrones’.
It will take time but we’ll know the content to be worth the wait.
I believe too-early Trailers and such wont do the game true justice.

Although …
… I’m patient by nature

AoE3:DE hasn’t seen anything except announcement so why give release date if they don’t even ahve enough to show you? AoE:DE and AoE2:DE did not either get release date before gameplay was shown and it was still many months until release of those games. AoE3:DE has been in early development which you can see also how they run beta & leaks compared previous betas.

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Still no word on AOE3 DE?

There is xbox digital event in this month.prob we can see nef informations about aoe3 de or/and aoe4

And there isn’t an anormal thing.Big companies don’t show their products except e3/gamescom things.
Remember aoe2 de.They showed aoe2 de in e3 2019(june) and after 5 months they released the game.

Prob they will show aoe3 de in xbox event or digital gamescom.and after a few months(november-december,maybe early 2021) they will release game.


Well, it doesn’t have to be a “big” announcement, but I’d like small heads-ups at least, to let the fans/community know more about development and POSSIBLE release dates. To have some in-game screenshots in 4K would be cool too.

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