Aoe 3 TAD cheater with proof

Aoe 3 TAD
-cheated to spawn unlimited units out of his TC (with proof)

I was playing a 3v3 decan and i quit as the opposite teams player early quit in age 3. Then i watched as orange was spamming unlimited units from his TC obviously cheating. His tag is: petete.

Please ban him, thanks. My account (Lord_ReZ) is from 2005 not playing around here. Have a pic with my phone who i email it too?

while i’d love to be proven wrong, this is aoe3 DE forum, i doubt anything will be done for TAD, even tho i’d want to see it

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There hasn’t been active moderation on ESO for like 7 years now.

Ability to cheat easily without consequences is one of the few remaining reasons to play TAD online in the first place. Naturally, that means you should assume anyone you play there is a cheater.

If you aren’t interested in playing with cheaters, don’t waste time emailing nobody and get DE:


Thanks for your help but I do have aoe3 de just dont play it. The original eso online service is far superior and the game is fairly balanced with the civs TAD has. I’m not ditching my stats since 2005. Aoe3de online service is completely not fun and missing so much compared to eso including real ranks and friends/chat service.

Theres still 100-800 online at any given time on TAD. They should update it so new players can unlock all cards from the start in TAD. Need to increase the population on eso.

I will say that the ESO has a better layout and nicer look and UI. But it’s worse in every other way. Lobbies don’t work or don’t let you in randomly, people drop or lag constantly especially lag. The zoom is way closer which is fine but DE has a much better zoom. Also the French insta cav spammers and Russian pro box’s ugh.

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Why? TAD has been updated… to DE. DE is superior in every way, including matchmaking. There are > 3,000 players in DE online at any given moment.