AOE 3 Web App New Brand Domain

I just want to let you know guys that my app was recently migrated to a new brand domain Also share with you my new discord server for any report or suggestion Dori Server.

Regards and GGs.


excellent! Why no replys?

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could be probably a next feature…


I think he was talking about no one reply to this post. Not actual reply feature


better is more complete age of empires 3 website

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Hello, I hope you are doing very well and regarding your post: excellent contribution, I really liked the design of the page and how you explain things, greetings.

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hmm not sure about it, i just created it with the defaults settings…

This site is a great resource, I’m really glad it exists. It is also a great example of a well made and well designed tool. The UI, the functionalities and performance are ideal.