AOE 4 Crashing my PC (Game Pass)

CPU: i7 8700k
GPU: 1060 6gb
Ram: 16 gb
AOE 4 installed on SSD

I can play single player with this game fine but the moment I try and play Multiplayer the game will crash my PC at random, I can play for 5 minutes and crash or 1 and half hours before crashing.

Just to explain what I mean when I say it will crash my PC I mean it will force restart my computer.

I am up to date on all software and drivers as of this post (did them all the night before to try and see if that
solved the problem, no luck).

If anyone knows how to fix this bug please let me know as I do really like this game but this is very frustrating.

Animegal 261


Hi there,
You should try if you get same issue on installing on other harddrive.
Check all windows 10/11 updates and there is game ready driver for age of empires 4 if you have nvidia rtx.
And turn off your computer and remove the power cable to reset your pc’s cashe,you should reinstall age of empires 4 agian.


I have stopped trying to play multiplayer so they can work out the bugs there, in the mean time I was trying to play through the campaign AOE 4 crashed again after about 2 hrs of play time.

Again if anyone knows of any solutions that could solve this issue that would be great.

I would hate to stop playing the game because it is unplayable at this point.

Animegal 261

Unfortunately, I have the same problem. The PC restarts mostly in PVP, but in pve also, but less often.

CPU 10700, GPU RTX 3070, rma 16gh, M2

Hey @Animegal261!

Please contact support here with your DxDiag and any Crash Logs. Hopefully they can help—or your information could help us get to the bottom of it.

@PetrVeliky if possible, could you do the same?


hi im getting this same problem. its also happening on my laptop. any ideas any one