AoE 4 failed.!

Hi community.

AoE 4 failed at all and it’s almost a dead game …

I won’t talk about the unbelievable problems the game has …
million links on the forum speak for themselves.

The Big Spring Update won’t save her either …

We have to wait until Frost Giant does a real RTS …

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AOM DE is the last chance of redemption

It has more players than any other aoe game and it has outsold any other aoe game. just because you are bad at the game doesnt mean it has failed.


We get you don’t like aoe 4 and aren’t playing it, I have my issues with it too like terrible unit balance and counter system. But you can stop posting about the same thing everyday

It has many players because there are a lot of things that AOE 4 does really well. It preserved old classic battles while upgrading graphics to 3D. Players see a lot of potential being wasted because of bugs, broken mechs, zero communication.
So yea, everyone is disappointed. It had so much potential to dominate RTS but a lot of poeple are moving on. I am myself exhausted from these bugs etc.


Any stats to prove this?

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Higher all-time peak than AoE2 DE (on steam alone).

But uh, the dropoff for AoE4 kinda hurts to look at. Sorry for the phone screenshots, I’m overseas in America right now.


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