AoE 4 first DLC

We shall see, we havent played the game yet. Like I said, lets wait for the game to come out first and hopefully it’s going to be a good game, and lets enjoy that first, then we can think about expansions.

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Byzantium and the Turks should be added first. IMO.


who said each DLC is only giving us 2 civs?

That’s probably the best to assume since that’s the direction it seems the devs are going in.

what made you assume that?

HRE and Rus are confirmed as the final 2 at E3

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LotW: 2 civs
DotD: 2 Civs
African Expansion for AoE III: 2 civs

except AoE2 and AoE3 are not being developed by Relic are they? also, Last Khans brought 4 civs.

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Why’d you gotta turn everything into an argument? I’m really getting tired of all this arguing.

I think this will be the second dlc. The first will be byzantines and turks.

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I’m countering bad information. which is what you’re spreading.

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We still do not know this, and with Africa having several conquering empìres in the AoE3 timeframe (Zulu, Ashanti, Moroccans, Omani Arabs), it would be weird to only get 2 civs, and not at least 3.

Also, people are still asking for Omani, Persians and Italians, all of which touched Africa. The Omani even colonized almost all of the easter coast of the continent, and came close to expelling the British from the Indian Ocean…

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Dude, I just made an assumption, it was not based on anything. And also this is the second day in a row we’ve got into an argument at this exact time, I’ve got to play some AoE.

yes, 2 civs was an assumption. but your other statement wasn’t an assumption. it was a statement. that the same people designing aoe2 were designing aoe4.

I never ■■■■■■■ said that.

looks that way to me.

I forgot the fact that there were other devs when I said that.

This is a medieval game and the Ottoman Empire(turks) and the Byzantine Empire are one of the most well known and important civilizations of this era. They should add these civilizations immediately.

so if there will be 3 civ in dlc, these must be Turks, Byzantines and Venetian


damn, Byzantines would have been perfect for a Wall landmark …
I mean, I am no fan of the chinese city aesthetic, but the chinese Great Wall looks neat, just …
the real one was not really used to fortify cities, the Great Wall was fragmented, built by multiple dynasties and acted as fortified “outposts” with beacon.

When Byzantine walls were really famous, and would have been great as landmark


Id like to see an umbrella italian civi and have options to select city states like genoa venice florence which will have its own wonders and bonuses.