AoE 4 first DLC


Beta still nowhere …
6 nations are introduced. 2 are still missing but we already know them.

Now there will definitely be a discussion about what will be in 1 DCL.
I will be happy if there is a constructive discussion of what everyone thinks and what they would like in the 1st DCL.

I think there will be 1 campaign and 2 new nations. And those nations will be from South or North America. That continent was completely left out.
And my tip is that the campaign will be conquering America.

Add: Aztec or Mayan.
The Spaniards as conquerors.

in the Second DCL, the Vikings will be the nation of all the Nordic states. And the second will be Japan (samurai).

And in the third DCL, I can’t even guess.


First DLC should be the Byzantines, with Turks and Venetians added in.


Unfortunately, not a single nation will be there.
I don’t think there will be much nations in the game.
So I expect 2 to 3 DCL and in each there will be 1 campaign and 2 nations.
It will certainly take them a lot of time to invent unique nations.
I expect every new DCL after 1 year and longer.

In the final of the game, I expect that there will be 14 - 16 nations.
more nations will certainly not do.That is a simple fact.

the 2 nations are introduced somehow, we just dont know how they will play yet :wink: (or look ingame, for most parts)

1 campaign 2 nations would be nice.

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Would this game make enough money for DLC’s to come out? base game is pretty expensive already.

We need Japanese.


DLC #1, assumption of 3 civs

Turks, Byzantine Empire, Georgians.

DLC #2

Danes, Swedish, Lithuanians.

DLC #3

Malians, Kilwa Sultanate, Kongolese

DLC #4

Castilians, Aragonese, Portuguese

DLC #5

Poles, Sicilians, Venetians

I know not enough of Asian histories and techs so won’t suggest any


Byzantine Empire


Venetians or some other representative of Italy
a Spanish civilization that would contain the mentioned

is how I would edit the DLC concerning Europe

It’s too early to talk about expansions/DLCs. Let’s see if we get a good game first.
And with the civs being asymmetrical, I think we should get 2 expansions at most.

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why u want only 2 DLCs ?

We only have 8 civs and you want to cap us at like 12?


I do modeling believe me one man in less than a 2 months can make models for an entire civilization and I think it’s not rocket science to balance so I think there are no limits other than sales and earnings

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I would say than Aragonese is maybe a bit overkill imo, because Castillans controled almost all spain at some poinnt. And another sort of culture could be highlighted in this pack. Like Kongolese because their links with Portuguese. Or some opponent of the Reconquista, like almoravid-almohad, or Cordoba.

I get the reasoning of Georgians in turks-byzantines pack, because their golden age happened with their reconquista against turks, but the pack with “Sicilians, Venetians, Poles” don’t really have thematic and feel a bit lost.
Maybe Poles should go into the Danes, Lithuanians pack instead of Swedes.

Sicilians and Venetians are both about being Byzantines opponents, and crusades. I don’t know who could be added in this pack instead of poles

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The saying is “it’s not rocket science,” just so you know.

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in my country saying goes nuclear physics, I will keep that in mind for future thanks

Oh, which country is that? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

from one Slavic state of Eastern Europe

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Yes, I think 2 expansions would be enough. It’s more important to have a balanced and well done cohesive game rather than just being interested in as many civilizations as possible no matter what. It’s not about whether or not they can make models for a new civilization monthly, we just cant have countless expansions. People would need to learn how to play well with one of the civs competitively while also knowing the other civs in great detail. It’s already a bit of a mess in AoE2 which is symetrical.

And, yes, it is very hard to balance all of them properly while having them play in a unique manner as well.

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I just said that these two things are not in conflict with each other

do you really think that France, England and HRE are playing in a unique manner? we would also have about 10 different principles that would work and into which any civilization would fit