AoE 4 Graphics?

It is from the trailer,yeah it is cartoonish
But look at the this scene from the age4 behind the scenes video:
And this
Honestly 2nd and 3rd scenes seems better.
They are darker and,i dont know it feels nice.
What is your thinks?Which one is the real game graphics…I hope full game graphics will be silmilar to second and third image…

The 2nd and 3rd image shows absolute nothing… cant see anything. So I wouldnt want any of those 3 images.
I would prefer a less radiant color than picture one, with slightly more detail on that yellowy squared box.
I can enjoy the theme of farmville. Although the farmlands appear disproportional, like the size of a herb-garden…
Actually most buildings are somewhat disproportional. I cant find any ’sane’ geometric factor.
But it doesnt have to be an issue, just involve a warning… ”odd cognitive functions may surface on viewing such massive oddities for just a small time”.

I wish each building is represented by an image taking into account the imaginary viewer’s same distance when looking down on the settlement.
Its like I got a Magnifying glass on some and not on others.

Were you wanting ultra-realism and to scale modeling? I believe this franchise is evolving similarly with the intent for realism as the Forza and even Gran Truismo franchises which means ultra-realism may occur, but until their 5th or 6th version if those editions are ever produced. Whereas, Red Dead Redemption began their pursuit of ultra-realism with to scale modeling from nearly the very beginning. Bear in mind, AOE I sold 8 million; but Red Dead Redemption sold $725 million, so because of the increased revenue we can tell how their ultra-realistic campaign was easily achievable for their second installment to their franchise.

I took a look at AoE II. It is rather well-proportional. Then looked at IV.
I am not an AoE2 player, but the self-built-module-theme was the only esthetic feature I found of value to me.
Whilst IV appear disproportional in my eyes. Like a child gone free on picture day.
I guess comparing the two with eachother is wrong, the era will be same, but the era into which the game will be released will be different.

I am looking forward to the gameplay & unit-planning, but the visuals of disproportion and radiance really bothers my eyes.

The levels of detail and game engine involvement you’re seeking would probably occur for a later version and within their series should they deem Age of Empires worthy of successive installments which are comparable to the Forza Motorsports franchise.

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I have probably said this twice before somewhere;
To me, they took a backturn on the visuals, overcompensating with stronger lightning.
Lightning sells… (it is known :p)
I hope it comes with a ‘dim’ function.

The water looks like a small step backwards from Age 3.

The game looks awesome in those pictures and hopefully it will be highly modable as that is what makes games last forever. < Looks at Skyrim >: Will it ever die???


I hope it looks and feels like the game Ancestors Legacy.

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Is there something as ultra realism? Realism is a far as you can get, in my opinion.