I know everyone has their own preferences for Hotkeys, but…

The current state of “Select all Military production buildings” includes the dock. This causes problems when setting waypoints for military buildings. Every time I set a military production building waypoint my fishing boats go to that way point as well. my ships will then idle at the shore. This is very annoying.


  1. Remove docks from the select all military production buildings similar to TC. (the TC is its own category)
  2. Allow players to decide what counts as a military building etc, like a check box for that hotkey
  3. Allow to set up a dock eco waypoint and military waypoint.

Please make this more user friendly
Thank you for considering this change


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Ye, the person who decided that it’s a good to group docks into this didn’t play the game…
It’s so weird to me that something like that shipped with the live version of the game. It’s quite an inconvenience, but I guess there was just so much to fix that this got put at the back :confused:

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i had the solution for docks since aoe2.
it’s simple:


do not play water maps.

When a select all military building (F1) i remove the docks from the selection with shift+LFB and then I make a new control group like I do for units. Problem solved in 3 seconds

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and now you are missing a hotkey slot for the rest of the game

Exactly I was using a control group before discovering this hotkey. But this hotkey saves a lot of time and the need to recreate it every time I build a new military-productive building.

I’m not a pro, but for me control group from 1 to 0 are enough for my playstile And have one dedicated that have no ports or other, and above all without bringing me the view there is fine.

Yep it’s the only problem, remember to upgrade the control group. You still need 3 seconds or less, but remeber is the think!