AoE 4 is the Age Of Empires equivalent of Star Wars the Force awakens

It seems to me that the aoe 4 is the equivalent to Star Wars the force awakens. Not terrible but a worse rehash of an older and superior product.
Your thoughts?


I’m essentially completely new to the series here, but to me it seems like it is trying to maintain some spirit of AoE2 while branching into greater asymmetry/strategic diversity. I’m sure more experienced players have a better take than me, but the asymmetry to a new player like me is more appealing than the mishmash of different bonuses and tech trees in AoE2. So I’m excited :grinning:


I like this analogy because the force awakens was not really made not for already existing star wars fans, but to bring in a new generation. And it seems AOE4 is not a progression of strategic play but simplified to bring in younger new players.

So from playing AOE3 (which was a strategic progression for advanced players from AOE2) it looks like going from Chess to Checkers.


Oh, if you didn’t play the betas you’re in for a serious disappointment, unless you just play the Mongols.

Nah, most players notice and appreciate the differences between the civs. It does take a little bit of time and experience to appreciate all the differences though. The asymmetry has become even more obvious watching streams this week with all the different builds and strats between civs.


Well I think TFA is awful and I don’t think AoE 4 is awful.