AOE 4 needs to follow AOE I & II not III

I’ve played AOE III DE Beta and it was worse than the original. Super clunky and not as fun. I hope the AOE4 dev’s focus on making the mechanics similar to AOE II DE.


its a beta its not even flushed out correctly and probably got alot of technicallitys and bugs

As long as its better then the Age of Mythology Expansion mess

I’d like to see a mixture of both.
I loved the story(still do) elements of the AOE III Campaigns and would love for AOE VI to have a similarly extended campaign. However, for multiplayer/offline skirmishes, they might need to look more for elements from AOE I or II.


If anything, I would like a mix of 2. I didn’t like shipments, unit counters, the whole experience resource as a whole, or trading posts in general from AOE3, and from what I see most players just build the safest one to get the shipments edge.

I didn’t like the fact that AoE 2 is mostly base building for 10-15 minutes, and it encourages turtling so much, and some people just straight away spam castles for defense.

I liked a lot more the game speed in AoE 3, as well as guardians and treasures, as well as having less units, but much more variety, and certainly no trash units as each unit served a purpose throughout all game, as well as each civilization feeling more special than “I have this special unit, and a few minor bonuses to fishing and wood cutting”.

I loved from AoE 2 that bases end up feeling like whole kingdoms, whereas in AoE 3 they feel much more like outposts. I would argue however that AoE 3’s style of not having farms, but rather mills and plantations, was a better idea to make your base not so ridiculously big.


True, I’d like to still keep Shipments in the game, but keep them to the campaign/story mode only, this allows the player to make choices and allows the story to unfold and makes player choices on cards have an impact. However, for the multiplayer experience, I agree that it makes the game less competitive and just doesn’t make as much sense. The Multiplayer should just follow normal RTS rules and gameplay.

And I agree that it is important to have each faction feel different and have them play on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I hope they expand on this and give certain factions unique playstyles that will allow for people to learn how their favorite faction works and rewards said players with unique benifits that come with such knowledge!

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to the interviews,there won’t be card shipments in aoe4

“The feedback from the fans was sometimes blunt,” Mann remembers. Players know what they want. But you can’t follow their wishes blindly. “We had Age of Empires 3 players who would have liked to have had the card system from that game in AoE 4,” Isgreen says in disbelief.

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Well,it makes sense in aoe3 but it is no sense for aoe3 you are a colony and receiving reinforcement from your main kingdom.
But in aoe2/4 you are already main kingdom.

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I disagree, I hated the AoE III campaign

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Hi PCM4st3r,

People have different tastes, I guess we differ on this one :slight_smile:

Hi @ENDA061,
I guess you are right indeed, but instead of shipments, they could have renamed it, changed some of the mechanics but still allow for a card system.

Instead of shipments: Reinforcements, these would come from allied kingdoms.
But I guess better to let them out so AOE2 players are kept happy am I right :joy:

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im mainly an aoe2 player,and i love aoe3 too.card shipments is a good mechanic,imo.

well it would be still a good campaign element.(for example in a hre campaign you are receiving reinforcements from your vassals)

but in competitive scene,balance it is so hard.
already they are going to more assymetrical civs,it is hard to balancing cards would be very hard for devs.

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