AoE 4 on a Surface Pro 6

Will AoE 4 run on a Surface Pro 6?

the stress did … bare minimum

Define “run” for me here.

In a sense of : can you start it and get into a game? Yes you can.

In a sense of: can you actually play it reasonably on 30-60 fps for some pc like matches, even on low graphics? Hell no.

Microsoft surfaces are basically higher speced tablets with bare minimum graphics solutions to run netflix 4k or maybe a cardgame here and there.
The cpu is gonna overheat and downclock itself immensly to ~900MHz on any higher gaming load, which is natural for all tablets.

If you want to play games on a notebook, you need at least a ryzen 3 2000+ (better 5000) apu or some gtx1000/1600/rtx3000 discrede graphics in it.

On a surface book sure, everything else will just look ugly I guess 11