AOE 4 should have these changes at release

Siege Changes

  • All Sieges Engines like Trebs, Mangos should fire at ground only by default. They should also miss their shots. The current sieges feels like homing laser machines. They don’t feel any different from archers.

  • Trebs, Mangos, Bombards should have Unpacking and Packing time of 8 seconds, the current timers is so small, it makes the feature redundant. Changes in Direction should also take 4.5 seconds, and shouldn’t be so easy like turning a neck. These are huge machines, and let player use them with care, attacker will be trying to reach the siege engine, and defender will try tom protect them at all cost.

  • The Rolling Speed for Trebs, Mangos and Bombards is way too fast, they should have their speed reduced and only a tech upgrade should give them their current default speed. They feel like mini cars than old lumbering machines.

  • I am quite surprised, Relic is well known for their Tanks and Artillery in COH series, yet they completely made a mistake by making siege engine in this game. Rather than nerfing siege damage like a lazy band aid, make actual mechanical changes so there is more skill like micro and involved in sieges and preparing them.

  • Manos, Trebs, Bombards should take 2 pop count

  • Wall HP needs to be increased and Wall towers and Walls in general should have defensive upgrades that strengthen them.

Trade changes

  • Caravans should be considered as part of pop count, they don’t seem to get added to the pop pool (don’t know if it’s a bug) I don’t know which nation don’t consider it’s merchants and traders not a citizen.

Projectile Changes

  • Arrows should be dodgeable by micro, they shouldn’t be a homing missile. The best moments from AOE E-sports and PVP are good micro play, by skilled players. It’s ridiculous that even a pesky villager from English can shoot homing missiles. Missiles should be made dodgeable if a person is good at micro and moving their units, they should be able to avoid arrows. This also helps in Kiting strats.

Units Changes

  • Camel riders cost needs to be reduced slightly, but make them cost more for their tech upgrades. Camels riders are currently very expensive and hard to make a counter cav army.

  • Elephants should cost 3 population

  • MAA are too strong, make them slow and remove 1 armor, but have more armor (3) in crossbowman age, that way archers have some chance against them at early MAA age and later when Xbow comes, MAA will have more armor. I don’t know if this is a good fix, there were some other great ideas in discord.


  • Disable right click garrison, give this option, press a hotkey and right click to garrison buildings (in AOE 2 it’s alt). too many times accidental right clicks makes unit go inside buildings.

  • Queued production and ongoing research should show up as global indicators. So anytime anywhere the player can see what is under production, research, and how many units are coming out soon. So the user don’t have to click on each production building to see what is under production inside them.

  • It’s extremely hard to click on relics dropped near buildings, dead animals, dead tress, please fix the selection bug.

  • Unit input lag, extremely annoying, player gives command in 1000 BC and unit moves in 1000 AD. This unit response and lag is annoying please fix this ASAP as priority. This not a multiplayer only issues, it happens even in 1vs1 AI.

  • Animations need to play in 60 FPS, not in 30 FPS.

Please launch the game with these changes, else this game will have a real hard time to be part of the core AOE experience.


Can’t relate with any of these suggestions, except for seeing how many traders I have, and having a global production queue.


I like right click garrisoning since I play more AoE3. Removing it can be an option, but I’ll always prefer right click garrisoning.

Siege should be more slow, that I agree. Currently they pack and unpack too quickly.

Ungarrisoning is currently a big problem in this game since you can’t ungarrison one by one. Add the functionality to ungarrison units one by one.


I agree with some of the siege changes. Right now it seem like Relict is being lazy, slap some mangonel model on an archer and call it a day. Very dissapointed with how they implement their siege.


With all my respects to your opinion and feedback, but regarding to projectiles if you want to dodge micro you can feel free to go to AOE2.

Is that hard to understand that this is a different game focused to a different way of play? Developers doesn’t add it because this game is not planed to play that way and it’s okay.

Same with zoom and other things. All complains comes mainly from old AOE2 player base. I’m sorry for all of you because you will no enjoy this game, but this game is great as it is without dodge mechanics.

Regarding pop count, garrisoning and ui/ux is understandable but aren’t necessarily at all if they aren’t added to the official release. Maybe you will be able to adjust on your game configuration.


Walls slow the game down already more than enough at the moment, no need to make them even stronger.

Trebs already have an only 25% accuracy on units. And mongonels miss moving targets all the time.


This suggestions are cool.


only for units, for buildings it is 100%

yes for units. (20 characters)

Same changes were suggested 1 year ago already (an even more). They did not change anything. I am sorry to be that person that will tell you the true but it will not happen. Sorry

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That’s very intentional though. They even said they’d be expensive and you’d need to use other units with camels sprinkled in for the buffs.

I think they already fixed mangonels and trebs? They are dodgeable now.

I agree that turning time on siege is too fast. Same with larger ships. It’s kind of weird on siege they have firing arcs showing, but they are totally irrelevant since they turn instantly anyway.

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The player in this video is just bad though. That no way to use your siege in my opinion. With a bit more units to support and positioning, he would have wipe out his enemy.

He’s a high level player lmao. We can always think about how much better we would have done.

This may be because this was via “multiplayer” lobby and not really a “local” game.

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it can be but oh god, that shouldn’t be the case, as multiplayer is core and if that is a lag fest then, damn.

and main menu theme its quite not like aoe3 its epic

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Remember this was a stress test, so they really wanted everyone to strain the servers to their limits.

I really think that would be very good changes, especially the first 6 points. The COH series is very good, also with different terrain. Also I miss the Highground advantage. It does not to have to be like in AoE2 but if there werent homing missiles, more or less accuracy (e.g Dota 2) would be nice. The hills are only visual and have no impact on the game. Why not make everything flat then?

most of those changes is what ppl who were discussing here since released were asking but they dont bring that quality yet