AOE 4 should learn from this game: ancestor legacy

Look at this:

good graphic engine
Violence and Bloody battles (medieva times were not a peace era)
Good campaign and Storyline
Different civilizations and unique unità .

A base building game like AOE, with big battles and all of these features would be perfect.

It is a very good tactical rts game like DOW 2. I have this game, and i like it, but frankly speaking i don’t see how this is any close to the essence of AOE game. For example, base building is very streamlined and resource management is a bit joke. But the game is really good, we didn’t have a good RTS in a long time, and this is very nice.

But AOE 4 should take good parts of this game. Definitely rip the battle system from this game, it is very deep.

some screenshots in 4k resolution:

really good graphic. I’m really waiting to see how AOE4 could be with Essence engine

Look interesting but is not great thing. Graphic doesn’t make a good game.

Ancestors Legacy, while a good game, is closer to Company of Heroes in style, with little base building and resource territories (not resource gathering) and squads with cover system. So not really what AoE is all about.

It’s no bad game, but it doesn’t fit to Aoe in my opinion. It’s like a less good Age of Empires 3 copy with better graphics. The buildings are too similar and colorless in my opinon.

So Ancestory Legacy is not a bad game, but not so good as Age of Empires.

It is probably one of the best looking rts games at the moment. No doubt that aoe4 should have at least a comparable engine to this.

But there is one thing more important than the engine and that is a total lack of lag. The game engine should have low settings that give 0 lag no matter what happens. There are a lot of rts players who rather play an ugly version of the game then a laggy version of the game.


Good stuff buddy. I’m glad that you are here and offer us some material to see, even from irrelevant games, or i would have to kill myself from the boredom in this forum and website.

ps: I’m not entirely sure yet but i think i would prefer aoe4 to be a sword & shield game like this one. Muskets will be a bit of disappointment.

The medieval setting would be Great for AOE4. Hope to see a graphic engine similar to Ancestor.