AoE 4 Uses Wrong GPU

For work purposes I have a 2 GPU system. My main one is an RTX 2080 Super, and my secondary one is a GTX 1070. In every other game I play, this doesn’t cause issues.

But when I play AoE4, the game ALWAYS uses the weaker GTX 1070. There’s no way in the game settings to change this. I’ve tried going to the Graphics Settings by specifically targeting the RelicCardinal.exe and forcing it to use the RTX 2080 (High Performance), but this doesn’t work.

I’ve tried everything else I can to force the game to use the RTX card, including going to the Nvidia settings, but nothing works.

The only solution I have at the moment is to disable the GTX card in Device Manager to give the game no other choice but to use the RTX card. But I shouldn’t have to resort to this just to play a game! This also messes up my desktop, which I have to rearrange every time.

Any help from the developers would be greatly appreciated.