(AoE 4) We need more "PvE" Game Modes

Age of Empires 4 is a highly anticipated game that has captured the hearts of many strategy game lovers around the world. With its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and strategic depth, it’s easy to see why the fourth installment of this iconic franchise has generated so much excitement. However, as much as the game is lauded for its engaging multiplayer modes, one aspect that could use some improvement is its lack of PvE game modes.

While the multiplayer aspect of AoE 4 is undoubtedly one of its strongest points, there is a significant portion of players who prefer to play alone or with friends against computer-controlled opponents. The absence of PvE game modes, such as cooperative play, historical battles, and replayable missions, limits the game’s appeal to these players and also hinders its potential for long-term success.

Cooperative play is a popular aspect of modern gaming, and it’s no different when it comes to strategy games. Being able to team up with friends or even strangers to take on challenging missions and scenarios adds a whole new level of excitement and satisfaction to gameplay. Unfortunately, Age of Empires 4 currently lacks any cooperative game mode, and this is a missed opportunity. Introducing cooperative missions or campaigns would not only make the game more accessible to those who prefer to play with friends, but it would also increase its replayability, as each playthrough would bring a unique experience depending on the players’ decisions and strategies.

Another PvE game mode that would greatly benefit AoE 4 is historical battles. The Age of Empires franchise has always been known for its attention to historical accuracy, and players have come to expect this from the games. While the game’s main campaign does cover some of the major historical events of the medieval era, there are still many significant battles and conflicts that could be explored through a dedicated historical battles game mode. This would not only be a treat for history buffs but would also provide a fresh and challenging experience for players looking for something different from the standard multiplayer matches.

Lastly, replayable missions could also be a valuable addition to AoE 4. While the single-player campaign is undoubtedly well-crafted and enjoyable, it can only be played through once, and once completed, players may be left with little incentive to continue playing. By introducing replayable missions, players could go back and choose different paths, make different decisions, and try out new strategies, making for a dynamic and ever-changing experience. This would be a great way for players to fine-tune their skills and keep coming back to the game even after completing the main campaign.

In conclusion, while Age of Empires 4 is already an exceptional game, it could benefit greatly from the inclusion of more PvE game modes such as cooperative play, historical battles, and replayable missions. These game modes would not only make the game more attractive to those who prefer to play alone or with friends, but they would also add depth and longevity to the gameplay experience. It’s safe to say that if Age of Empires 4 were to introduce these much-desired game modes, it would solidify its position as one of the greatest strategy games of all time.


Do You want we send this to Age of Empires IV better? Maybe in that place you can have a better discussion

I think that would be a good idea, Thanks!

Done, good luck have fun.

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Okay, in the short

We want coop modes like in starcraft 2, C&C Red Alert 3 or AoE3 historical missions

Yes, I agree


or like aoe2 coop campaigns and battles, kinda mindboggling this was ommitted for launch


A hoard game mode would be fun to play, give me a infinite pile of wood, berries, gold and stone, and a wonder to defend, then send waves of mixed enemies at me, that should be fun.

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the game supports large amounts of units so one could end up fighting big armies, even if a player builds a lot of structures the next wave could balance the unit types to destroy the infrastructure.