AOE 4 XBOX Today

Since pretty much 2017, most major annoucements for Age of Empires were at GamesCom. So it was pretty safe to assume there will be some this year, also given the complete silence on multiple titles for months.

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We can Hope to see something new. We’ll see

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AOM Retold could be a good Surprise. Trailer or screenshots.

But i don’t understand why not sharing these trailer during the main show. Gamescom is a PC conference


I thought Gamescom is gaming in general?

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Not really. Maybe more PC focus than E3, since USA has been console-dominted for decades. But even in germany, consoles are the more popular platform for many years.

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I also find it interesting:


Console Is a good market also for Germany (but on PlayStation side) but Germany one of the most important market for PC gaming and RTS.

Wow It seems incredible. Very good graphic.


For all of you who are dissapointed becuase no news:

1- this comes in handy to get new players into the franchise
2- dissapointed of what? We didnt even recieve an announcement precious hand about aoe4 being at gamescom so…

but even whith that said, they promised more news


In “Empire Earth II” you could, from the panel, send directly to the villagers, the resources that you want, the xbox version has implemented it too


Yes, it seems that they work a lot on the graphic quality and details.

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yes I have already watched all the tutorials, I thought it was obvious they put it, I think there is no cross platform, or it would be like using cheats, I hope they don’t put it on pc too, and I think they will never put it luckily, because it would make less professional gamers, console is acceptable.

however this allows you to play chill games, since you almost only have to think about the micro, and it comforts you to think that the enemies use it like you.

Tomorrow they’re going to announce something at the Microsoft conference…

We want new campaigns for the missing civs…

F in the chat…

Yes, it’s Assasins Witcher 3 Creed Korean Zelda Red xd…

To cross your fingers…

And if they announce it for October, what better…

Things as they are… now is when they are going to bring out the heavy artillery and they are going to show all the content of all the games: original 1 DE campaigns for Return of Rome (AoE 2), dlc for AoE 3 and AoE 4 and maybe some images or even gameplay of AoM Retold…

A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Not Civilization 7 xd…

Well something is something… sending villagers to resources like EE2 and automatic creation of villagers like AoM…

Yes, it’s from the creators of Ashes of Singularity and former devs of Command and Conquer 3 and Civilization (ergo full strategy)…

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We always have age of empires dlc news at gamescom so of course people are gonna expect something

Its aoeo all over again

New AOE4 DLC announced

Without any supporting info xD
but with a quote “Amazing”…

not DLC … its an expansion.,… much bigger

Arent all expansions called DLCs nowadays?