AOE 4 XBOX Today

has just been announced at Gamescome as now, available from today


not a good news, no new civs…

I was expecting this so perhaps we can see another reveal later this week for news about it too?

yeah it is true, but at least they’re working on something.

no new civ and new camp lol


I hope so
20 charact

Bad, very bad for now. As i said in the past, Relic will release all they announced. No more, i think.

We should looking forward to the next title (praying to see another main game in this franchise) and not with Relic.

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This is the best game so far!

Some staff from World’s Edge wrote on the official Discord that more posts are planned this week, so maybe the port isn’t the only announcement.


Well lets see what they got us

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To echo what I said on Discord:

We’ve got many posts planned throughout the week! Be sure to keep an eye out on our channels. Before anyone goes wild speculating with limited information :slight_smile:


And info about AoE3DE DLC?

I hope we hear news about aoeiv and aom retold :pray:

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Even if that is the case, it is horribly, horribly, absolutely terribly communicated.

Some staff. From World’s Edge. On Discord. Tells us that there will be content; AFTER the big event where everyone’s eyes is set?

Nevermind the fact that the trailer for console specifically states 10 civilizations, so I am highly doubting this new content is actually even relevant. If I follow my instinct, they obviously worked on something relevant, but why do I get the feeling that what is coming up is only another event with another map that no one asked for?

Perhaps this trailer was only meant for those to view the base game on Console, and that they are in fact planning on announcing DLC later this week. But, why not now? It just does not line up.


This is just the product of extremely bad communication. I personally didn’t even know that AoE 4 was going to be at Gamescom. People are obviously going to speculate when they don’t have any other information. We also don’t have a roadmap, and it also seems to me that bug reports are not being read anymore. Whoever is in charge of handling the communication for AoE 4 stuff should be fired as soon as possible.


I think they will announce the mobile AOE game and AOE retold.
About AOEIV, I don’t know what they are making there.
If it is about ranked mode, the game is dead, they gotta bring a lot of enhancements and new civs etc.

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I’m not sure I would suggest that it is their fault though. Community Managers from Relic for AoE4 spent the last two years on discord, only a few months on the actual forums, and they’ve all been fired as far as I can tell.

I don’t think (or hope) that they actually thought this was the ideal way to communicate with the community. There must be some kind of bottleneck, some kind of contract or higher up that has been in the way–because this just makes no sense. And whatever that bottleneck is, is the real issue here.


We can all question the radio silence about this but man am I thankful for this developers comment that more news is to come this week.


Our official news will come with the conclusion of the show and the release of our Xbox version at 1pm PT. The timings of communications are very set in stone around major events like this.

With our upcoming posts today you can expect:

The trailer uploaded and shared on our channels and Xbox
A small PC update with patch notes
Console and Cloud release on Xbox
An FAQ to answer some of the questions you’ve been asking about the Xbox version.

There’s lots to be excited about this week. Today’s goal is to share info about the Console version and welcome our new console players. I encourage everyone to stay tuned to our channels for news.