AoE 4 your people's happiness

What about a resouce and call it happiness
Similar to favor in aom.
For example,monghols gain happiness with fight(similar to norse faction in aom)
Or arabs gain happiness with building mosques and with praying(similar to greeks in aom)

And use happiness for some very strong unique units or hero abilities

Despite being a bit silly it is an interesting concept to have something to measure the people’s “patriotism”.

I think “morale” would be better. Happiness sounds too much dysney.

It would be a complicated mechanic to create/balance though.

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I think this pigeon holes a civ too much. part of whats great about 2 is that adaptability. If someones going for something and you make the counter play. If your civ depends on doing certain things in order to a resource needed it stifles this immensely and games can be decided so easily.
‘shoot hes doing this and I need to counter but…i need more happiness which means i need my resources to build more mosques…’ or well i don’t want do monks but if i don’t happiness suffers so im always going to build them.

or even on the flip… mongols being able to easily generate happiness because they just have to raid or be fighting and can do an early rush and snowball because of their happiness going up and letting them spend it on strong units or abilities.