AoE Crashes after pausing game after Win 11 22H2 update

After the latest windows 11 update on 27 Jan 2023, 22H2 OS Build 2262.1105 AoE 4 Ver crashes after pausing the game. After restart the game stutters for a few seconds then just shuts to desktop without displaying any error messages at all. This is a new issue and did exist pre Windows 11 update on 27 Jan. I also noticed that the game took much longer to load than previous as well. I purchased the game through XBox Gamepass. I Also noted that the latest patch of AoE 4 ( did not include the new units reported on the net i.e Englisg King, Wynguard Rangers are crossbow and Hand Cannoneer not Longbowmen and did not get the new Men at Arms. Did I get the right patch?

As I said the game worked fine prior to the latest Windows update. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Right patch—yes! Those units were included in the Public Update Preview (PUP) which was the preview of the upcoming Season Four update—which hasn’t been released yet. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been an official release date announced but I suspect it won’t be too far off.

As for the stuttering issue, definitely make sure your drivers are updated. Other than that, best thing to do is to reach out to support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Thanks!