AoE: DE build 28218 - permanent voice over?

Hi there, big problem …

I just installed the new 28218 Build and have now at least two problems:

  1. whenever I move the mouse over a button (menu), a building (in the game) or a unit (in the game), a woman’s voice reads the button text or explains something about the building or unit!
    (No, it’s not the windows 10 voice feature - I can activate this additionally )
  2. several texts inside the game are overlapping with other text or GUI elements.

while 2 is just annoying, 1 is a no go and makes the game unplayable! :frowning:

Can anybody help?
I’ve Windows 10 1903 with latest updates - is it possible to re-install the latest 27xxx Build?
(Unfortunately, I’ve deleted it :frowning: )


Hi @antifrust97, For #1 disable narrator in game settings under accessibility. The #2 is a known issue.

@RadiatingBlade: Thank you! Thank you very much!!

The german translation of this option is very misleading - but finally I found it!


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