AOE DE Crashes during Game

Hi! I am new to the DE [I played it years ago and I am back to play again]. Sadly my game crashes during game, most specifically when playing the third Egyptian scenery. It is normal or does it happen only on this scenery? Then should I just skip it?

AoE:DE crashes to desktop when playing the Discoveries scenario? I just played through that specific scenario and did not have any issues. Have you played any other game modes?

Crashes I noticed (in multiplayer) were random, maybe you didn’t have them in the first 2 missions because they are fast.

It would be interesting to let the game ‘rest’ in those missions to see if the crash happens.

Yeah it crashes to desktop when playing discoveries scenario :c

I Tried the first greek map and nothing happened. The problem could be related with the discoveries :confused:

Please post your DxDiag info. I’m curious about your PC specifications.


Its a 3 y/o cheap laptop. But it would be very sad if I can run aoe3 but cant play aoe de :confused:

Give also GPU info. (I think RadiatingBlade wanted the whole .txt export)

I have a 8800M GTX which can run AoE3 but as it’s DX10, it can’t run AoE DE correctly. So it’s more a matter of technology instead of performance. But you should be ok with a 3 year PC.

Ok, here is the link to download it Text File

Hope its the right thing

I do think that the crashes that you experience are caused by the Intel HD 4400 integrated in your i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70 which makes it run too hot after a while. Your CPU has to do a lot of the work to make it run at all because there is no dedicated GPU (checked your DXDiag.txt). The latest Windows builds didn’t make it better too imho. I do experience more crashes in general lately.

The eventvwr ‘Store’ exception entries may give more precise info about the cause of the error.

But that’s another big not-made feature of this game : error messages…