AoE DE (New Version - after steam release) - ALL BUGS LIST + SOME FIXES NEEDED

Hello folks, players and guys from microsoft.

I know there are other topics about some current bugs but ill try to get all of them listed in 1 topic, so hopefully we can give and get a real feedback of whats going in the game and make it easier for microsoft guys. i will edit the topic if any new bug is reported or if the bug is fixed.

I am an old schol aoe player, i have been playing since 1999, i even played the age of empires 1 trial version in the old, after zone died, i played on game spy, gameranger, ESO (age3) and Voobly.
I played all age of empires games except mitology, also i am an expert and some times streamer of the game. Age of empires is my favorite game franchise ever!

That said i think i am in position to give a clear feedback of what we need to make AoE DE a great and powerful game. I really wanna help. The steam release, the cross plataform play and improved network code were all a good move! But…

First, i will list bugs and things that got worse after new version-build :

A) In game (game play):

1- Low FPS Issue (should be number 1 priority right now).

  • The game goes into extreme lag mode in 3v3, 4v4 games when the pop reaches high value. It is almost unplayable. Somehow it is unable to carry the load if there are too much units on the map. Many people have already complained about it. Im talking about players who played many games in old build and in new build, they never had this issue in the old build. Game optimization somehow got worse ? Many players with high end pc are having this issue as well.

2- Rally point - unbuilt building

  • In old version we were able to make rally point before the building is 100% done. It helped us to save some time. Now we have to wait the building to be 100% done and the make a rally point.

B) Lobby System:

1- Chat Bug (a lobby bug as well as in game bug - should be a priority as well) - reported by zeda0
- The multiplayer chat function is broken. The last player to join the lobby is autmatically muted and other cannot see their chats in the lobby and in the game. In 1v1 - 2nd player is muted. 3v3 - 6th player is muted. 4v4 - 8th player is muted and so on.

2- Broken Random Team (was working fine in old cliente)- As user JoonasTop said
if we have ? teams there is no change to ELO rating.
The random teams also doesn’t work right if someone has a set team. So if five players are ? and one is team 2 the end result can be three different teams.

3- Lobby Chat
The multiplayer lobby chat is also not conducive to conversation between players. It only shows three lines of text at a time. (as reported by RadiatingBlade)

  • Cannot scroll lobby chat with my mouse wheel. Also chat box is too small (reported by KingHabibi123)

4- Multiplayer game setting
Once we select a preferred random map game mode, (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 or 8P FFA), there is no option to change it after the lobby has been created. What if we want to play a 4P FFA? Not an option. What if the players change their mind and want to play on different team setup? Not an option. The previous multiplayer lobby gave hosts the freedom to change their game setup as needed and was just fine. (reported by Radiating Blade).
I think maybe it was made to make it easier for elo matchs, but i think there are other ways for elo system check if the game played was 1vs1 or a team game. Should be like before, just ddd elos to custom lobbies, we just pick the settings and turn on and off ELO, the game should report what kinda of game was played (RM , DM, 1x1 or team game).

5- There is no spectating option in elo games.

  • If you host a 1x1 RM Elo, there are only 2 spots available, making it impossible to spectate.

6- Buttons on the game launch lobby are unresponsive or slow - can check by selecting teams (reported by zeda0)

  • When changing teams (1,2,3,4), there is a delay

7- Default filter (reported by eartahhj)
I played a 3v3 created by me, when I went back to the lobby browser the “3v3” filter was selected, but this is not correct in my opinion, because it makes no sense that I have to choose “Any” every time after playing a game. This actually happens with 2v2 and 4v4 also (i didn’t play 4v4 or ffa yet)

8- Player color issue
- When you join a lobby, you will get the color of which player spot you are in (1=blue 2=red 3=yellow etc) even if another player already is that color, which wasn’t a problem in the older version. (Reported by Batune)

9- Many times we have to refresh 2 times to find the game rooms

10- Pong Column (reported by eartahhj)

  • There was a “Ping” column, very usefull to see if the game could lag. Any idead why it got removed ?

11- We loved how elo ratings were separated in RM, DM, 1x1, 2x2 etc. But most of us think that RM 1x1, RM Team game, DM 1x1 and DM Team Game are enough.

C) Splited community

  • Players are still playing in old client, the old MS Store version. Most of them dont know about the new version and-or dont know how to update. I dont exactly understand the reason why keep 2 versions. For me, should force the update, just like the previous builds. However, it should be easier for those players upgrade the game to current version. Most players dont check the official site, forums or barely speak english. It should redirect the players to upgrade the new version, if they they still dont have the win 10 1903 version, they should be automatically be warned that its mandatory to play the current Age DE version. People will lose interest if they dont find games to play.

List of things that may improve the overall game play experience (wish list):

1- Option to change game room name and check game rooms outside. Last used game room name should be saved.

2- Flare (just like age 2, trust me, any aoe expert wants it, it just improves the team game play)

3- Villagers with consecutive tasks when pressing Shift, would be a very useful aggregate. Currently the villagers are going to the last point we marked, ignoring all of the above. (suggestion by idinow)

4- Replay feature plus improved spectator mode.

5 - Option to play Classic mode in multiplayer

6- In age of empire 3 there is an option “Easy drag military” it allow to select military unit only without selecting villagers. We should have this option (idea from Argoon70)

7- Amored Elephant Glitchy ( reported by user RadiatingBlade ).
When armored elephant units attack their animation in definitive edition mode is glitchy and not smooth as it is in classic mode.

8- The new ladder is cool, it should show players elo rating and not only the position.

9- I think the old 1.600 elo system was just fine, any idea why the new 1.000 is better ?


I agree with the bugs reported, I suggest to merge this thread with this one: [AOE: DE] (v.28218) - Buglist - August 2019

Regarding number 9, ELO normally starts from 1000 from what I have seen around so farò

i just see alot of players reporting bugs but no answer from developers :frowning:

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Hi @KGBcrazy, Thank you for creating this topic. I will use this for separate master summary topics for Known Issues and Feedback. Please continue the discussion in those new topics. Locking this topic because new master topics are being created.